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Black is Beautiful Beer Campaign Announced

12:00 July 31, 2020
By: Graham Andreae

Zony Mash Beer Project and Café Reconcile are working in tandem to support the efforts of people of color through more than just making beer, but also by making a difference in people's lives. Zony Mash Beer, a new program in the New Orleans area that just opened in 2019, is teaming with Café Reconcile to support Weathered Souls Brewing Co. in San Antonio, TX, in their efforts to raise awareness for injustices faced by people of color on a daily basis.

"The Black is Beautiful label, platform, and collaboration is about understanding and supporting people of color," said Adam Ritter of Zony Mash, who went on to say that actions are the best form of support one can provide.


Zony Mash selected Café Reconcile as its partner in these efforts. In the face of the pandemic, Café Reconcile is supporting former members of their team through remote case management, online programs and workshops, connections to mental health counseling and critical community services, and direct grant assistance to address immediate needs—from diapers to medication for individuals.

The objective was that Zony Mash make a spin on the Weathered Souls Brewing Co.'s recipe for their Imperial Stout. This is what Zony Mash's new beer will be based on, and it signifies a partnership between the two companies while also providing the opportunity for members of the Café Reconcile business to work in a brewery. This is made possible by the Zony Mash Beer Project welcoming into their brewery the staff and members of the Reconcile crew, to assist in the brewing process at every stage.

In addition, Zony Mash will be incorporating Café Reconcile's famous side dish, sweet potato crumble, as the signature ingredient in their beer.

Delvin Davis, Reconcile alumnus, said that without Café Reconcile, he would not have been able to do such things as cooking at Essence Fest, and he now has experience with the brewing process that he can carry on to his next job.

Further information on Zony Mash can be found here:zonymashbeer.com
To discover more about Café Reconcile, visit their site:

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