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10 High Rated Restaurants to Visit in New Orleans

07:00 June 24, 2024
By: Mathilde Hebert
The vibrant atmosphere, live music, and rich history of New Orleans all contribute to the one-of-a-kind dining experience that New Orleans restaurants provide. The rich history and cultural influences of the city are reflected in the diverse flavors and dishes served in its restaurants, making each dining experience truly special and memorable.

Despite the fact that Creole cuisine is what New Orleans is known for, the city offers plenty of other types of food, whether it be a delicious pizza, oysters, or more. Here are 10 of New Orleans highest rated restaurants to try out.

10 High Rated Restaurants in New Orleans

1. Pizza Domenica

Multiple Locations


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Pizza Dominica is a local and tourist favorite, well-known for its real Italian tastes and freshly produced dough every day. There are two locations for people to visit: 4933 Magazine St. and 117 W. Harrison Ave.

They serve specialized gourmet pizzas with an unusual combination of ingredients, baked in an oven specially manufactured and transported from Italy. The open kitchen fosters a warm and dynamic atmosphere that values the interaction between the staff and its esteemed patrons. In addition to pizza, Pizza Domenica offers a variety of salads, appetizers, desserts, and specialty beverages.

2. Creole House Restaurant & Oyster Bar

509 Canal St., (504) 323-2109


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Make sure to pay a visit to the well-known Creole House Restaurant & Bar. It provides both residents and tourists with an amazing experience with its real Creole food and cozy bar.

Everyone may enjoy classic New Orleans fare in a perfectly relaxed setting. It is the oldest structure still standing on Canal Street and has been renovated for your dining enjoyment. Cajun and Creole food is served at Creole House, where you may savor mouthwatering Southern favorites and New Orleans mainstays.

3. Galatoire's

209 Bourbon St., (504) 525-2021


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Established by Jean Galatoire in 1905, this famous property on Bourbon Street has stood out amongst the city. The food and atmosphere of the globally recognized restaurant were designed by Jean Galatoire. He brought with him dishes and customs from his native France, which were influenced by family-style eating.

Galatoire's is well known for its traditional Creole cooking, which has its roots in Louisiana's French, West African, and Spanish cultures. The eatery serves a variety of delectable fare, such as pastas, steaks, and oysters. Souffle potatoes are one of their most well-known foods.

4. August

301 Tchopitoulas St., (504) 299-9777


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Situated in the Central Business District within a historically significant French-Creole structure from the 19th century, the primary dining area offers an unparalleled restaurant experience. The inside features high ceilings, polished hardwood flooring, mahogany paneling, towering columns, and antique mirrors.

August is a modern Creole restaurant that specializes in using products from Louisiana and creates inventive recipes that are influenced by traditional methods. Bluefin tuna crudo, crispy P&J oysters, red snapper Pontchartrain, and many other dishes are available on their menu.

5. Coquette

2800 Magazine St., (504) 265-0421


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Constructed in the late 1880s, the Garden District structure that Coquette is in has housed various businesses such as a grocery shop, auto parts shop, and a residential building. They are the ideal location for an unforgettable occasion as well as a local hangout with two stories of dining areas and a 12-seat bar. They also provide modern food with a focus on ingredients that are produced locally and are inspired by other cultures.

Together with matching the acclaimed wine, drink, and dining options, they also aim to establish the mood with kind, cordial, and sincere service. With dishes like Smoked Trout Roe, Crab Agnolotti, and Napa Cabbage Salad, they serve both little and large portions. Enjoy a homemade beverage to round off your meal.

6. Mr. B's Bistro

201 Royal St., (504) 523-2078


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One of the biggest names within the New Orleans dining scene is Mr. B's. At the intersection of Royal and Iberville Streets, Mr. B's is a casual bistro with a reputation for well prepared regional dishes and founded in 1979. Since then, it has grown to become a genuine landmark in the French Quarter neighborhood.

Mr. B's is well-known for its specialty dishes, which include wood-grilled fresh seafood, Creole Bread Pudding with Irish whiskey sauce, and Gumbo Ya Ya, which is a spicy chicken and andouille gumbo with a super-dark roux.

7. Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar

4338 St. Charles Ave., (504) 293-3474


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Situated in the heart of historical Uptown New Orleans, Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar is renowned for its reasonably priced, genuine Louisiana seafood and Creole-inspired cuisine. Their extensive menu contains their creative interpretations of Louisiana classics.

Seasonal foods are blended in with staples when they become accessible on the menu. There is plenty for everyone to enjoy at Superior Seafood & Oyster Bar, which features only the freshest ingredients. Come and enjoy some of the finest seafood selections available in New Orleans.

8. Commander's Palace

1403 Washington Ave., (504) 899-8221


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Situated in the Garden District, Commander's Palace has served as a prominent landmark in New Orleans since 1893. This well-known restaurant is renowned for its distinguished cuisine and lively ambiance. Commander's Palace, the recipient of seven James Beard Foundation Awards, has grown into a legendary restaurant.

The menu is broad and includes a range of dishes that showcase Louisiana's rich culinary heritage. There are options for everyone, including local seafood and steaks, as well as traditional Creole meals like gumbo and jambalaya. In order to provide patrons with a fresh and genuine eating experience, the restaurant also places a major emphasis on seasonal foods and locally produced goods.

9. Emeril's

800 Tchoupitoulas St., (504) 528-9393


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Celebrity chef and restaurateur Emeril Lagasse operates a casual restaurant called Emeril's in the French Quarter. Established in 1992, this highly regarded eatery blends classic Creole, Acadian, and Southern fare with international inspirations. The three-story eatery has a chef's food bar, an open kitchen, a wood-fired brick oven that is unique, and private event space.

Enjoy one of their two unique tasting meals at Emeril's, an exquisite dining establishment. Chef EJ Lagasse and his culinary team have reinvented Chef Emeril's iconic recipes from over the years for the Classics menu. The Seasonal menu honors the restaurant's illustrious culinary past while celebrating Louisiana's changing seasons.

10. Brennan's

417 Royal St., (504) 525-9711


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Brennan's Restaurant has been regarded as one of the best places to eat in the French Quarter for more than 70 years by both residents and tourists. Since its founding in 1946 by Owen Brennan, Brennan's has focused on serving exquisite Creole cuisine.

The dishes, created by Executive Chef Ryan Hacker, are based on Creole customs and enhanced with modern New Orleans flavors. Combining traditional and contemporary techniques results in a distinctly creative approach that improves their seasonal, locally sourced goods. Be sure to order one of New Orleans' favorite cocktails: the Sazerac.

Top 10 Rated Restaurants in New Orleans

There are many kinds of restaurants in New Orleans that can accommodate for any kind of price or flavor. There are several places to eat in this food haven, ranging from hipster Creole cafés to traditional French Quarter bistros.

With so many options to satisfy every palette, New Orleans is a culinary lover's dream come true. This city offers everything you could possibly want, including exciting jazz clubs, informal neighborhood eateries, and world-class Creole cuisine. The next time you're in New Orleans, be sure to enjoy every mouthful and explore the varied dining options available.

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