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Best Local Pies of New Orleans

12:00 June 20, 2022
By: Steven Melendez

When the topic of pie comes up, New Orleanians often lament the loss of Hubig's, the historic bakery destroyed by a fire in 2012. Hubig's fruit-filled hand pies were a staple at grocery and corner stores around the city. Yet while that bakery has never returned to operation, there's no shortage of places around New Orleans to get a piece of pie, from Hubig's-style fruit hand pies to slices of traditional, windowsill-style pies.

Russell's Marina

8555 Pontchartrain Blvd.

This restaurant surely outdoes itself with its all-day breakfast, influence of New Orleans seasoning and spices, yet its' comfortable and family-oriented atmosphere. Most of all Visitors to the New Orleans lakefront are familiar with Russell's specific dishes like their egg's benedict, seafood platters, and po-boys. Hidden on the menu however is their assortment of decadent pies. Those who manage to save room for dessert will find pies that range from the classic apple, traditional Southern pecan, and a chocolate and peanut butter pie topped with Reese's crumbles. If you thought this was all, Russell's surprises you yet again. Their pies continue with the classic New Orleans lemon ice box pie, reminiscent of key lime, which delivers a tasty blend of sweet and sour. Any pie, specifically the Pecan and apple pies are also available à la mode. Stop at this local spot to enjoy your taste of comfortable and classic entrees and then finish off your meal with your choice of pie. This restaurant is a casual and first come first serve basis but check online for restaurant hours and menu recommendations.

Haydel's Bakery

4037 Jefferson Hwy.

While Haydel's is known best for its scrumptious array of cakes, check out their selection of pies and pastries. Most definitely, if you're craving a Hubig's-style hand pie, find a grocery store or coffee shop near you for Haydel's version of the classic treat. Haydel's pies are available throughout the region in flavors like apple, cherry, chocolate, and coconut creme. If this seems out of your reach, stop at Haydel's Bakery on Jefferson Hwy to pick up a pie fresh and directly from the bakery. Another option for you to secure your hand at these pies is to order online and have these pies shipped anywhere to you in the United States.

High Hat Café

4500 Freret St.

Freret Street's High Hat Café is known best for its interpretations of Southern and Louisiana cooking, such as fried catfish, barbecue shrimp, and pimento cheese fries. If you're staying for dessert, you might want to try High Hat's chocolate chess pie, a classic Southern custardy treat. Specials of the day may also include other pies of your choosing, so make sure to check with your server before ordering dessert. Check their website for daily specials and overall entrees that might interest you. Also, see their hours of operation to see when the best time for your pie tasting can be.


3021 St. Claude Ave.

Looking for a place to take your out-of-town friends or family? Take them to this historic and classic New Orleans restaurant, where the restaurant's architecture itself embodies New Orleans. Also, if you're searching for that Hubig's-style hand pies, Junction is the place you're looking for. This cozy bar in the Bywater offers flavors that vary from day to day and take about 15 minutes to cook. This gives you time to enjoy one of the bar's signature burgers, sides like fried pickles or pickled eggs, and numerous craft beers on tap. Pies are larger than the individual ones you might find at a convenience store, so be prepared to share with a friend or take some leftover pie to go. This restaurant is open 7 days a week with further information about hours located on their website. Stuff your face with some of their delightful pies if you've saved room!

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