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Best Places to Get Boiled Crawfish in New Orleans | 20 Best Boil Spots

07:00 March 15, 2024
By: Staff

Crawfish season is in full swing in New Orleans. Everybody's looking forward to the weekends with fresh and delicious boiled Louisiana crawfish.

Here, we've rounded up the 20 best places to get boiled crawfish in Greater New Orleans. These restaurants and seafood markets are serving up some of the best seafood and boiled crawfish you'll ever have. Consider trying every one of these places out. Enjoy!

20 Best Boiled Crawfish Spots in & Around New Orleans

1. Schaefer & Rusich Seafood

1726 Lake Ave., Metairie, (504) 833-3973, facebook.com/p/Schaefers-Seafood

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Visit Schaefer & Rusich Seafood in Metairie to satisfy all your seafood cravings. This family-run seafood market sells high-quality seafood at reasonable prices for your enjoyment. Schaefer Seafood began in 1969 when the family started selling fresh seafood out of their own garage.

The business has continued for four generations now, providing Metairie and New Orleans with fresh and delicious seafood. Nothing is better than food, family, and experiencing the two together. The Schaefer & Rusich staff is passionate about sharing this tradition of family with your loved ones through their fantastic food. Make sure to try the boiled crawfish, as it is known to be among the best in town.

2. Deanie's Seafood Restaurant

Multiple Locations, deanies.com

[Deanie's Seafood Restaurant, Web]

Deanie's has locations in Metairie, the French Quarter, and the Garden District, so it is easy to experience one of New Orleans' best seafood restaurants wherever you are in town. Since 1961, Deanie's has been serving up quality seafood for all to enjoy.

Make sure to order their giant seafood platter to get a taste of all that Deanie's has to offer. Get your fill of fried oysters, catfish, shrimp, crawfish balls, soft-shell crabs, boiled crawfish, and other seafood varieties at any of their locations, and find out what all the talk is about.

3. Captain Sid's

1700 Lake Ave., Metairie, (504) 831-2840, captainsids.com

[Captain Sid's, Facebook]

Specializing in fresh and boiled seafood, including crawfish, Captain Sid's has been a customer favorite since 1979. Seafood-lovers rave about the quality seafood and service that you'll have here. Make sure to take some crawfish pies, stuffed crabs, turtle soup, alligator sausage, and fresh seafood out of the deli case to go, as there are no tables.

This seafood market takes pride in serving the best seafood with the perfect amount of seasoning, right in the heart of Bucktown. You will not be disappointed in Captain Sid's, as many feel that it's the best seafood in Bucktown.

4. North Broad Seafood

1901 N. Broad St., (504) 948-6050, facebook.com/NorthBroadSeafood

[Logan Ellzey, Unsplash]

North Broad Seafood is a family-owned business providing its customers with quality seafood at fair and honest prices. Visit this spot, hidden on Broad Street for boiled crawfish, red beans, po-boys, gumbo, and other boiled seafood varieties. You will be amazed at the clean and secure location that the Nguyen family provides for their customers.

Since 2007, when the family took ownership, they have given their customers a safe grab-and-go concept shop where they can find something for all of their seafood needs. This is sure to be the most pleasant crawfish pick-up you will ever have!

5. Galley Seafood

2535 Metairie Rd., Metairie, (504) 832-0955

[Galley Seafood, Website]

Do you ever wonder where those fantastic soft-shell crab and catfish filet po-boys served at Jazz Fest come from? This is the place. The Galley has been serving their famous po-boys at the festival since 1977. After having success at other festivals around the U.S., Galley began catering for businesses all over Louisiana.

Soon, the restaurant was born, and the rest is history. This is a great Old Metairie spot to get your boiled crawfish. Galley Seafood is open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner, so be sure to get your fill of their famous po-boys and boiled crawfish this season.

6. Clesi's Restaurant & Catering

4323 Bienville St., (504) 909-0108, clesicatering.com

[Clesi's Restaurant & Catering, Web]

Clesi's is a family-run business owned by the Clesi brothers, Carlo and James, and their sister Sonya Dicarlo. Clesi's started out as a catering operation that became popular from its crawfish boils. Eventually, it expanded into a restaurant, which is now located in Mid-City.

They are best known for their crawfish, which are flavored with pepper, clove, and citrus. Try the jambalaya cheese fries, po-boys, and fried seafood baskets while you're there. Clesi's is dedicated to providing their customers with excellence in both food and experience.

7. Cajun Seafood

Multiple Locations, cajunseafoodnola.com

[Cajun Seafood, Facebook]

Cajun Seafood opened in 1995 at its original location on South Broad Street and has been called "the best-smelling corner in the city" by locals. The stores are each family-owned and operated, giving customers great service and amazing food.

Find incredible boiled crawfish at one of their four locations around the city. The Nguyen family also serves up stir-fry, yakamein, marinated crab claws, turkey necks, and pigs' feet. Dine in at one of the communal tables and enjoy some new company while you indulge in their flavorful crawfish.

8. Bobby's Seafood

9013 Jefferson Hwy., River Ridge, (504) 738-2104

[Bobby's Seafood, Facebook]

Bobby's seafood is a local and family-owned seafood market and po-boy deli located in River Ridge. Visit Bobby's for fresh and boiled seafood and traditional po-boys that cannot be beat.

Enjoy the fresh seafood and boiled crawfish at one of the few tables, or take it to go for a family gathering. Locals cannot get enough of the quality food here.

9. Seither's Seafood

279 Hickory Ave., Harahan, (504) 738-1116, seithersseafood.com

[Stephanie Moody, Unsplash]

Seither's Seafood gets its name from its boiled, fried, and blackened seafood. Order something traditional or try one of Seither's creative specials, which change daily. Their boiled crawfish is nice and spicy. Also, Seither's roast beef po-boy was named the best po-boy by a seafood restaurant, and their specialty po-boys were voted best specialty po-boys at the Oak Street Po-Boy Festival.

Experience culinary creativity at Seither's, and try some boiled seafood beyond the ordinary! You will notice the quality ingredients from local farmers. From crawfish to shrimp to fish and crabs, Seither's has it all and then some.

10. Today's Ketch Seafood

2110 E Judge Perez Dr., Chalmette, (504) 279-6339, todaysketch.com

[Today's Ketch Seafood, Web]

Find fresh boiled seafood daily at Today's Ketch Seafood in Chalmette. For more than 18 years, this family-run business has been open every day of the week, serving a wide range of boiled seafood.

Today's Ketch Seafood is a retail seafood outlet that wholesales seafood. They also do onsite catered parties and serve po-boys and seafood dinners. This crawfish season, get your boiled crawfish fix at Today's Ketch and check out the other delicious food available.

11. J & J Seafood

632 Franklin Ave., Gretna, (504) 366-2219

[J & J Seafood, Facebook]

J & J's has been open since 1991, serving up food with the same recipes ever since. Why change a good thing? Customers rave about the no-frills food and boiled crawfish.

Hurry and get your food, as it has been known to sell out in under an hour. That must mean something good is being cooked here. Try J & J Seafood this crawfish season and expect to be no less than thrilled.

12. Boil Seafood House

3340 Magazine St., (504) 309-4532, boilseafoodhouse.com

[Sidney Pearce, Unsplash]

Try the "best seafood restaurant on Magazine Street" for a wide selection of flavor profiles. Whether you prefer your seafood to be spicy or mild, you'll enjoy the food here. Savor the boiled crawfish, and be prepared to get your fingers dirty. There's something for everyone because Boil Seafood House offers a variety of unique seafood dishes.

Your meal is customizable--pick out the seafood you want, then choose your own flavors and spices to create the perfect dish. This experience makes for an exciting one, even for the pickiest of eaters. You are sure to find something to please your taste buds at Boil Seafood House.

13. Salvo's Seafood

7742 Highway 23, Belle Chasse, (504) 393-7303, salvosseafood.com

[Courtesy of Salvo's Seafood, Web]

Since 1984, Salvo's Seafood has been a family-owned restaurant, committed to providing their customers with quality seafood at low prices. When you take a look at their menu, you'll find that they offer a wide variety of items, including boiled and fried seafood, as well as ribs and steaks.

Salvo's is also able to provide the perfect boiled crawfish or seafood variety for an event at any location you like. You can also purchase their award-winning blend of secret boil seasoning to perfectly season your own seafood at home, perfectly every time. Salvo's was voted one of the 12 best restaurants to get boiled seafood in the state of Louisiana, so it is definitely not to be missed.

14. Big Al's Seafood

1377 W. Tunnel Blvd., Houma, (985) 876-4030, bigalsseafood.com

[Big Al's Seafood, Facebook]

Although Big Al's is located in Houma, the seafood is well worth the drive. Once located in New Orleans, the popular restaurant is known for its appetizers, boiled seafood, and desserts brought to customers with friendly service.

Charbroiled oysters, boiled crawfish, shrimp, and catfish are some of the popular menu items that have helped to give Big Al's its name. There's something for everyone on Big Al's large menu, so no one will leave Houma hungry.

15. Zimmer's Seafood

4915 St. Anthony Ave., (504) 282-7150, facebook.com/ZimmersSeafood

[Jonas Jacobsson, Unsplash]

Get some seafood take-out for lunch or dinner at Zimmer's Seafood, located in Gentilly. This place has a good reputation for boiled crawfish and other delicious seafood. Open for almost 40 years, Zimmer's Seafood is a classic, family-owned New Orleans seafood restaurant serving up tasty seafood dishes Tuesday through Saturday.

Try the fresh crabs and boiled shrimp or the highly recommended po-boys of many varieties. Taste classic New Orleans flavor at Zimmer's while enjoying some boiled crawfish this season.

16. Castnet Seafood

10826 Hayne Blvd., (504) 244-8446, castnet-seafood.club

[Castnet Seafood, Facebook]

If you're a seafood-lover, Castnet Seafood is the place to visit for fresh and delicious seafood varieties. This casual place serves lunch and dinner in New Orleans East. The city raves about the boiled crawfish, which have been dubbed some of the city's best.

They're cooked not too spicy and not too bland, just right for that perfect Goldilocks middle ground. See what we're talking about by making a stop at Castnet Seafood for all of your fresh seafood needs this spring.

17. Bayou Beer Garden/Bayou Wine Garden

326 N. Jefferson Davis Pkwy., (504) 302-9357, bayoubeergarden.com

[Bayou Beer Garden/Bayou Wine Garden, Facebook]

Drink and eat at this quaint cottage-turned-sports-bar with 45 beers to choose from on tap, pub fare and seafood, a front porch, back patio, and plenty of TVs to enjoy sports in any season. Bayou Beer and Wine Garden is located in Mid-City and opens at 3 p.m. every weekday and noon on weekends.

Enjoy fresh, boiled crawfish Tuesday through Friday, beginning at 3 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, starting at 1 p.m. Bring the gang and stay a while, and enjoy the variety of options at Bayou Beer and Wine Garden. Whatever you're up to here, you're sure to have a great time!

18. Bon Temps Boulet's Seafood

4701 Airline Hwy., (504) 885-5003, bontempsboulets.com

[Bon Temps Boulet's Seafood, Facebook]

Bon Temps Boulet's is the best place to get boiled crawfish in Metairie! Steven Boulet, who started the restaurant with his wife, Chelsea, took 18 years to craft the perfect crawfish recipe. With all that time spent perfecting the perfect boil, you know it's going to be good! From live crawfish to boiled, Bon Temps Boulet's has it all!

They also have an extensive menu of po-boys, oysters, and various platters for whatever you're craving. Make sure to get a side of their house made sauce!

19. Big EZ Seafood

Multiple Locations, facebook.com/bigezseafood.biz

Big EZ Seafood [Facebook]

Big EZ Seafood's all day lunch specials draw the crowd in, but what keeps them coming back is their delicious and unique boiled crawfish. Big EZ Seafood prepares their crawfish in the traditional way like most; however, they also offer boiled crawfish with different seasonings and flavors. One of the most recent flavors added to the menu combines lemongrass, kumquat, and Cajun spice to create a flavor explosion in your mouth.

Don't miss out on the chance to try one of the best in-and-out seafood restaurants in Greater New Orleans.

20. TD Seafood & Pho House

1028 Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, (504) 302-1727, tdseafoodphohouse.com

[TD Seafood & Pho House, Web]

TD Seafood & Pho House is a Cajun-Viet fusion seafood house serving boiled seafood and pho. You have the choice of choosing how spice level of your seafood; it ranges from Mild to XXX.

TD Seafood offers snow crab legs, Dungeness crab, and blue crab; however, you can't miss out on ordering the crawfish. If you are into spicy food, it is recommended to order the crawfish with XXX spice level. It is pumped full of spice but it is also so flavorful.

Crawfish Season in New Orleans

Crawfish mean family and fun in New Orleans, and there's so much crawfish history here. Now that it's time for crawfish, stop by at any of these spots for some of the best crawfish in town.

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