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An In-Person Sazerac House Event to Brighten Your Spirits

11:00 December 02, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

After a string of high-quality virtual streams that the Sazerac House has had some buzz over, they are happily opening their doors once again for guests to participate in their cocktail-focused events in-person. This December, the Sazerac House is putting on a sequence of connected events, collectively dubbed "Making Spirits Bright," as a way of setting the mood for the holidays. The series kicks off with the Strike Down Social on December 5; its title is an allusion to the repeal of Prohibition. Featured on this day will be several Prohibition-era cocktails such as The Mary Pickford.

The next event comes just three days later on December 8 with a Drink & Learn segment, this time focused on Creole holiday traditions. Certainly fitting with the season, this gathering will be a good mix of alcohol and its history in Creole culture, led by cocktail historian Elizabeth Pearce. Following up this enticing history lesson is the Barrel to Bottle Experience on December 10, which will be headed up by the Sazerac House's own distiller David Bock. A tour through the distillery will also result in the opportunity for participants to both bottle their own Sazerac Rye Whiskey as well as engrave said bottle. Finally, the closer for this event comes on December 15, with Cheers to Cheese. As the name should tell you, this day will have a focus on cheese, though seeing as how this is still a Sazerac House event, there will certainly be an alcoholic twist in the form of potentially delicious cocktail pairings.

It is a great thing that we can again begin to enjoy in-person events like this one, but it cannot be stressed enough how important it is to follow COVID-19 guidelines. The Sazerac House is rightly mandating that every event be socially distanced and that all participants wear appropriate masks. Louisiana is unfortunately seeing yet another spike in cases, and, as a result, we have returned to a modified form of Phase Two quarantining. All the same, this event is meant to try and bring a bit of enjoyment around in bleak times. You can purchase a ticket by going to

101 Magazine St., (504) 910-0100,

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