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2012's Overlooked Movies

00:00 December 19, 2012
By: Fritz Esker

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Goon - Goon only played in New Orleans briefly at Zeitgeist. This is a shame because it's easily the best hockey movie since Slap Shot. Seann William Scott (Stifler from American Pie) plays a bouncer whose fighting skill earns him a spot as an enforcer on a struggling minor league hockey team. Like all good movies, Goon is character based. Scott is a fundamentally decent guy (when a woman leaves her boyfriend to date Scott, he apologetically takes a beating from the ex-boyfriend as penance). He's the underachiever in an accomplished family. But he finds something he's good at in hockey, and Scott makes you cheer for him.

Ruby Sparks - Romantic comedies teach audiences that you're just one romantic relationship away from happiness. If you get a boyfriend/girlfriend, you'll live happily ever after and your problems will all fade away. Ruby Sparks probably failed to find an audience because its central theme is that romantic relationships will not fix your flaws and insecurities. If you haven't fixed yourself, a romance isn't going to fix you. Paul Dano plays a writer who conjures his dream woman by writing her on the page. At first, it goes well, but once he can't control her, all of his baggage comes to the surface. It's a funny, thoughtful inversion of the traditional romantic comedy.

Premium Rush - Premium Rush had the misfortune of opening in New Orleans during the height of the hubbub surrounding Hurricane Isaac, so many locals missed it. Joseph Gordon- Levitt gives a typically strong performance as a bicycle messenger who's pursued around Manhattan by a crooked cop (Michael Shannon) desperate to get his hands on an envelope Levitt's delivering. The movie's short, fast-paced, and features a great turn by Shannon as the villain. The scene explaining why he wants the envelope so badly is hilarious in the way it shows that villains aren't evil geniuses; they're selfish, aggressive idiots. It won't get any attention from the awards community, but Premium Rush will be a lot more fun to re-watch than Lincoln or The Master.

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