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Zoom Wedding? How to Get Married During Covid

10:00 July 15, 2020
By: Kayla Martinez

Everyone loves a good wedding, but lately, with more than just love in the air, many happy couples have had to downsize, cancel, or even stream their ceremonies. The coronavirus wedding content has been all over the place, with drive-by car parades and Zoom call ceremonies (and one couple opting to have an officiant shout down from an apartment window to the streets of New York). All of these weddings have been unique and beautiful, but they haven't stopped couples from wondering when they can get back to planning to say their I Do's in front of their loved ones, no screens necessary.

Even when it is safe to gather in large groups again, it's likely that weddings will look a little different than we might expect. According to The New York Times, everything from the planning to the dancing to the vows at the altar could be altered to create a safer ceremony. Large-scale weddings with hundreds of guests don't seem plausible without an easily accessible, effective COVID-19 treatment or a vaccine, and for good reason. CBS News reports that a wedding with 350 guests in Bihar, India, is responsible for spreading the virus to over 100 people, 15 of whom were guests.

So, what modifications can be made to avoid weddings turning into super-spreader events? Besides significantly shortening the guest list, which will likely remain required in many states, expect to see meals served to seated guests or made-to-order instead of buffets, dance floors with markings indicating proper distancing, and customized masks being offered as favors. But The New York Times also notes that you should expect longer contracts that include clauses about what happens if the wedding needs to be cancelled or postponed due to the coronavirus.

Getting married in the age of corona is a lot to consider. Of course you want to celebrate your love, but you don't want to endanger the safety of your loved ones, either. Maybe your wedding ceremony won't be the lavish, grand ceremony you expected. Maybe it'll be a small outdoor wedding with only your 15 closest friends and family members. Regardless, it'll be a day filled with love, and, after all, isn't that what matters most? And hey, if all else fails, you could always find an officiant willing to pronounce you married from an apartment a few stories up.

Check out this video of the couple getting married in the streets of NYC:

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