Emily Hingle

Zip NOLA Is Fun For Every Age

11:37 August 23, 2021
By: Emily Hingle

Louisiana is called the Sportman's Paradise because of the unparalleled outdoor activities you can indulge in, but most of those namesake sports involve hunting or fishing. For those looking for something more passive, but just as thrilling, you should certainly check out the newly-opened Zip NOLA located just outside of the metro area in Laplace at 301 Peavine Rd.

Zip NOLA opened its lines in late July after several years of planning, building, testing, and training. Brave attendees are treated to a half-mile long zip-line course that sits high above the Maurepas Swamp. After scaling a 60-foot staircase, you will be hooked up to the first of five heart-pounding zip-lines, each more thrilling than the next. Along the way, you may find yourself becoming more fearless; try out the Spiderman move or the Trust Fall! Because zip-lines rely on gravity to carry you at fast rates of speed, you will be tasked with scaling a couple of wooden bridges and stairs carved into towering cypress trees.

Because Zip NOLA is located literally over a swamp, there are a couple of alligators that watch you along the way. Don't worry, though! They're more interested in marshmallows than flying humans. Those who aren't ready to zip-line just yet are welcome to watch their friends from the comfortable patio with cooling misters. The zip-line typically takes between one and one and a half hours.

I found this experience to be very unique to our area since we don't have enough attractions that are truly family-friendly, though people of any age can enjoy this heart-pounding activity. You may find yourself going back again and again to try out some new moves while flying through the air.

You can learn more about Zip NOLA here.

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