WWE and Make A Wish Foundation’s Annual Circle of Champions

01:00 April 09, 2018
By: Jason Hall

Blaine Kern’s Mardi Gras World was the host site for the WWE and Make A Wish Foundation’s Annual Circle of Champions Induction Ceremony, which falls the weekend before Wrestlemania in the host city. Twenty-eight children were inducted this year during a lunch ceremony immediately preceded by an on-site parade, featuring this year’s inductees as featured riders, along with accompanying marching band and police escort. The featured riders, in town as the Make A Wish Foundation granted their wish to attend Wrestlemania, were greeted by a team of WWE Superstars.  Samoa Joe, Natalya, and Sasha Banks were introduced by WWE Announcer Jojo to an ecstatic crowd of inductees and their families. Mardi Gras World provided a Mardi Gras mask painting station and attendees dined, painted, and met the WWE Superstars, who managed to work the entire room, providing opportunities for autographs and photos with all inductees. The Make A Wish/WWE Circle of Champions induction ceremony was presented by surprise guest and Master of Ceremony John Cena, whose theme song induced shocked awe and jubilant cheers from those in attendance. Cena’s ability to work the crowd, honor the inductees, and create special moments with each child in attendance was like a masterclass for anyone who ever has to present to a group of any size. He has had practice in this arena previously, however, as he has granted more wishes through the organization than anyone else (currently over 550).  After the induction, autographs, and photo ops with Cena, the inductees left to continue their Wrestlemania weekend.

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