Wizard World Comic Con Invades NOLA on Saturday
Jan 06 2018

Wizard World Comic Con Invades NOLA on Saturday

By: Emily Hingle

It's that time of year when the nerds rise up and take over the convention center so that they may catch a glimpse of their heroes. Wizard World Comic Con brought the likes of Stan Lee, Jason Momoa, and so many more right here so that their biggest fans could bask in their glory. I think that this may be the biggest con we've held thus far; the racks and racks of fandom paraphenalia seemed absolutely endless. One could easily get lost amongst the array of products, costumed characters, and bright, shiny things. 

There truly is something for everyone whether you're into classic comics, creatures that go bump in the night, sci-fi shows, and even helping to save animals. I loved the talk that the Paranormal Society of New Orleans gave, and Kato Kaelin kept the energy alive at the entrance stage in between circus and aerial acts. 

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