Vaude d'Gras Goes Out With a Bang

22:34 April 15, 2018
By: Emily Hingle

Knife-weilding women, opera singers being branded, and plot twists all over the place! The top circus troupe in town is saying goodbye to their long-running show Vaude d'Gras for the season, but they're not going down quietly before they move on to something new and exciting. Produced by the always-enticing LadyBEAST, Vaude d'Gras' seasonal send-off show The Jackalope was a wild west-themed romp into absolute madness. Sexy, hilarious madness. The new sheriff in town was searching for the shady character known as The Jackalope. Through whip-cracking, knife-tossing, and stripteases, the Jackalope was finally revealed, and a time warp ensued. Don't worry, everyone in attendance at the HappyLand Theatre came out no worse for wear. As GoGo McGregor (the saloon owner) stripteased to "I'm Tired" from Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles, Madame Daggers tempted fate by tossing knives around Guglielmo. Sarah Stardust tied herself up on the aerial ropes as Clay Mazing shot down the whole crew with cap guns. LadyBEAST herself did her famous bottle-walking trick. This was truly how the west was won. 

LadyBEAST is taking her troupe back on the road, riding off to the west like a cowboy into the setting sun. Don't be discouraged, they will be back again someday soon. 

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