Unique Ways to Celebrate Halloween in Louisiana

09:00 October 25, 2021
By: Kimmie Tubré

Ghosts, goblins, spooky scenes-—pumpkins and all things in between. It's that time of year again. Yep, it's Halloween, a holiday of costume wearing, trick or treating, haunted houses, and partying with family and friends. While all of these things make up the celebration of Halloween, they aren't the only ways to celebrate the spooktacular holiday.

From festive virtual fun and quirky gatherings to creative-creepy crafting, Halloween can be celebrated in a variety of ways. While some may continue with the typical traditions, others may want to take an unconventional route. If you're reading this, we can only assume that the unconventional person is you. Guess what? You're in the right place. Whether celebrating with kids, adults, or both, here are some unique and, of course, spooky ideas that will make this year's Halloween one to remember.

The Ghost Story Exchange

Nothing says Halloween like telling ghost stories and, fortunately, this can be done virtually or in person. But first, put on a costume. Halloween should always include some sort of costuming, and what better way to tell your story than to dress the part? You can make it a contest or simply a share out. Either way, gather your crew, enjoy, and tell some horrifying stories together.

History Beyond the Graveyard

This Halloween graveyard adventure has an educational twist. During this graveyard visit, you will learn some history about those who have crossed over to the other side. One way is to go with no agenda and read different tombstones. You can fantasize and create scenarios about the life they once lived. Another way is to go with an agenda. Look up some of the more famous people of that cemetery, visit their grave, and read their story. New Orleans has plenty of beautiful cemeteries to visit!

The Creepy Campout

Got a tent? Then what better time to use it! From the campfire lighting the dark night to the mysterious animal noises under the full moon; admit it, camping is a bit creepy. This Halloween, grab your tent and head to the wilderness at one of Louisiana's campgrounds, or simply in your backyard. Be sure to decorate your tent, have a cool creepy theme, and dress up if possible. Don't forget to tell a few good ghost stories around the fire.

The Spookiest Cookoff
or Bakeoff

This creepy cookoff will fill your Halloween with competitive fun while also filling your belly. Whether you decide to bake sweet treats or cook up savory dishes, make sure that it is a spooktastic dish. One may bake up a dozen witch cookies while another cooks up a plate of frightful brain spaghetti. This cookoff should embody all things Halloween, so grab your ingredients and get your creative juices flowing.

A Dinner Party That's to Die For

Dinner parties are always great gatherings filled with good wine, food, and table talks. At your Halloween dinner party, be sure to enjoy all of these things while dressed in costume. A fun but spooky theme will also get guests in the spirit. From a murder mystery dinner to a true blood theme, there are so many directions you can take when it comes to your deadly dinner party event.

A Ghostly Cocktail Contest Filled with Spirits

Every Halloween event deserves a signature cocktail, and what better way to choose this year's cocktail than a cocktail contest? You and your guests can dig into your most morbid creative cocktail juices and conjure up some delicious spirits. After creating those spooktacular drinks, have a taste test and crown your ghostly winner. With all those hair-raising cocktail options, there's sure to be one that is to die for!

Creepy Crafting

From the variety of things to craft to the variety of creepy decorations, Halloween is the perfect time to practice your crafting skills. You can craft just about anything. Pumpkin decorating, Halloween jewelry, ghost sock puppets, and even bedroom door decorating; crafting comes in a variety of forms and would definitely be an awesome Halloween event.

The Harmless Pumpkin/Scavenger Hunt

While egg hunts are exclusive to Easter, small pumpkins make the perfect substitute for a Halloween hunt adventure. Go ahead, hide pumpkins all around and watch the kids and adults scatter to find them. Another fun hunt that would certainly be a hit is a spooky Halloween scavenger hunt. From hunting horror movie quotes online to driving around looking for various spooky things, a Halloween scavenger hunt comes in many forms and is fun for all ages.

All Things Halloween
Game Night

From "pumpkin pinatas" to "pin the witch on the broom," Cards Against Humanity isn't the only game worthy of game night. During Halloween, you can put a spooky twist on just about any game around. You can even raise the stakes by gambling some of that trick or treat candy. The best part about a game night is that it can be added to just about any Halloween celebration you decide to indulge in because everyone loves a good game
on Halloween.

Deciding what to do on Halloween night can be an exciting task and taking the unconventional route can make it even more enjoyable. With whatever you decide to do, be sure to dress the part and take advantage of the festive yet creepily spooktacular holiday.

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