[All Photos by Emily Hingle]

Twin Temple's Dark Doo-Wop Show At House of Blues

12:44 February 21, 2024
By: Emily Hingle

Night of Goth Doo-Wop

The hair was teased, the clothing was black, and there was a faint scent of incense and clove that permeated the House of Blues for this concert. Those who came out to see "Satanic doo-wop" group Twin Temple dressed in red and black finery that created quite the fashion show off-stage. For many, it seemed to be a reunion of sorts for the local legendary, albeit tight knit, goth scene.

Twin Temple is a perfect match for goth enthusiasts even though their sound is unlike what you'll hear at a typical goth or rock bar. The stage was set with an altar bearing glimmering goblets, red roses, and other items befitting a ritual. Four glowing inverted crosses flanked each corner of the stage as a rendering of The Dark One lorded over the backdrop, overseeing the spectacle.

Fog swirled in the blue and red lights that finally fell into darkness before a melancholic ticking rang from the speakers. The crosses turned a demonic red as the band, dressed like zoot-suited hep priests, entered and took up their respective instruments.

Alexandra and Zachary James burst out in matching baby pink bedazzled stage wear; hers with a spider web design and his looking like a classic country Nudie suit. Slowly, the cute couple showered those in the front with a spritzing of (un)holy water, then wielded twin sabers to consecrate the evening. No ritual is complete without a bit of preaching, and Alexandra picked up a bible to say that this would be a night of worship: musical, Satanic, and self.

The tunes were a throwback to 1950s and 1960s doo-wop, early rockabilly, and swing, but most songs from that era did not speak of loving The Devil and exercising your freedom. Alexandra's big black beehive 'do didn't move an inch and she serenaded and gyrated to her bangers, including "I Am A Witch," "Burn Your Bible," and "Be A Slut." Zachary strummed a unique shining white and gold guitar, bending his sky-high legs and leaning back like a true rock star. Though the band was filled out with keys, drums, and bass guitar, the baritone sax was a particularly powerful addition to the more sultry and soulful numbers like "Lucifer, My Love" that really tugged at the black heart strings.

"Does anyone want to have a Satanic sing along? You only have to remember one word," Alexandra said as she led her followers into a chant in "Satan's a Woman." I believe you can guess what that is, and, indeed, the enchanted crowd followed along. They then cheered and applauded as the rhinestone-clad doo-wop duo tore out pages from a certain religious tome and threw it to them.

Is Twin Temple indoctrinating music fans for Satan worship, or are they just using The Unholy One to make modern listeners fall in love with the sweet, sultry sounds of early rock and roll? I suppose only those who brave this sexy, spunky ceremony will know.

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