Top 10 Most Haunted/Mysterious Places in New Orleans

07:00 October 23, 2023
By: Staff

The city of New Orleans is widely known for several things. From all around the world, we know it for its distinct music, Creole cuisine, its annual festivals and celebrations such as Mardi Gras, and most notably for it's one of a kind dialect.

Apart from that, this beautiful city is also known for its vibrant nightlife and unique architecture influenced by French and Spanish Creole structures.

However, you may find that there's more to New Orleans than meets the eye, most especially if you decide to take a nightly stroll around one of the many notable mysterious places along the French Quarter.

This city has a rich and fascinating history when it comes to mysterious, intriguing, and haunting elements. In its three hundred years of existence, its reputation as America's most haunted city continues, dubbing it the "city of the dead".

On this ghostly New Orleans tour, we take you to the top 10 most haunted and mysterious places located in this city of the dead.

Ten Haunted Places in New Orleans

1. The Haunted LaLaurie Mansion

[Ghost City Tours, website]

This house is considered by many as one of the most haunted houses located in New Orleans. The reason for this dates back to the year 1834.

According to the legends, Madame LaLaurie was considered one of the most beautiful and intelligent women in the city. But as beautiful as she was, she was not as perfect as people had assumed.

After she was found out by a guest in her household that she was overly abusive to her slaves, her reputation slowly changed.

No longer were the townspeople eager to participate in the social events of the estate nor interact with the LaLaurie family. This resulted in the family being isolated from society.

After this incident, one of the slaves that was chained to the kitchen stove decided to set fire to the household. As the fire spread throughout the house, neighbors rushed to help put out the fire.

Once the smoke had cleared, the townspeople inspected what was left of the house and made a horrific discovery. The fire had burned down a door in one of the upstairs rooms and inside were dozens of slaves piled together and stripped naked.

Most had already been dead for some time, while others were not. Some were strapped to an operating table, a few were chained to the wall, some were in small cages, some heads were bashed in and their stomachs cut open.

Upon this discovery, the town ransacked the LaLaurie household property and destroyed every inch of the house including the backyard where they had discovered more human skeletons that were buried.

Since this incident, no one has wanted to stay in this building for decades as former tenants claim to hear the wails of the madame's former victims.

2. The Ghost of the Sultan's Palace

[Ghost City Tours, website]

The Sultan's Palace is a three-story mansion that was owned by a wealthy bank merchant and plantation owner, Sultan Jean Baptiste LePrete.

In 1839, there was a horrible storm that hit the city of New Orleans that forced the townspeople to shut themselves inside. The next morning when the storm cleared, all seemed well until one man happened to find himself strolling down the street of the Sultan's palace.

Trickling down the front steps of the Sultan's Palace was an alarming amount of blood that ran down like a river and pooling into the divots of uneven pavement.

When authorities arrived, the blood ran thicker and deeper. Upon pushing the front door open, they found corpses littered all over the ground. Some had been flayed open while many of the others had missing limbs.

Moving to the courtyard the authorities had discovered a single hand sticking out from the ground. It's fingers spread wide as if it was clawing for help before its last breath.

It was none other than the Sultan himself.

It was never discovered who was behind this tragic event but people continue to experience paranormal activities in this mansion to this day.

3. New Orleans Haunted Bed & Breakfast

[Ghost City Tours, website]

Several rumors and stories rotate around particular bed and breakfast establishments in New Orleans.

Some residents and guests have reported hearing the sounds of laughter and chatter in the middle of the night only to find an empty room or hallway. Others have experienced paranormal activities such as mirrors suddenly breaking, or lights and windows opening and closing on their own.

The number of ghost stories from these establishments are endless, but only a few are able to live to tell the tale.

4. Muriel's Restaurant

[Muriel's Jackson Square, website]

Among all the locations in New Orleans, Muriel's might be the most accommodating place to welcome ghosts in the City.

This restaurant hosts several mischievous ghosts in the Courtyard Bar where there have been cases of glasses flying 12 feet across the room to a brick wall.

Several paranormal investigations have taken place here over the years with several reports stating that strange shadows and voices appear nearby.

However, those who have seen or felt a presence in this establishment have never felt threatened.

5. Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop

[Jean Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop, facebook]

This is one of the oldest haunted buildings located in the French Quarter of the city. Almost the entire bar is lit by candlelight and brings on the appearance that emits a welcoming aura to ghosts.

Most of the time the ghosts here are often seen in a corner in the mist or shadows and only disappearing when people take notice of it.

This has been reported to be a common occurrence by patriots who often come for a drink.

6. Pirates Alley

[Ghost City Tours, website]

Also known as Rue Orleans when it was first set up. Pirates Alley measures out to 600 feet long and 16 feet wide and acted as a throughway between St. Peters streets.

The establishments along this alley such as the Faulkner House Books store are originally known to harbor all kinds of spirits at night sporting pirate and sailor-like attire.

Many people often find ghosts walking down the road during their nightly strolls only to vanish the minute they turn around to take a second glimpse.

7. The Haunted Musee Conti Wax Museum

[Ghost City Tours, website]

For several years there have been numerous and continuous reports of ghosts and hauntings coming out from the Museum.

In its history guests have reported paranormal activities and even bones discovered in the outer walls of the haunted establishment.

Paranormal investigators have also experienced figures run past them and shadows following them throughout the establishment. At one point they were also paralyzed for a short moment.

Eventually, the museum was closed down permanently on January 31st, 2016.

8. The Ghosts of Marie Laveau's Sacred Houses

[Ghost City Tours, website]

The original Marie Laveau household was torn down back in the year 1903 to establish a new structure built on the same foundation as the original. This has lead locals to believe that the residual energy from Marie Laveau herself still identifies this land as her own.

If you've heard of the spirit of New Orleans Voodoo Queen, this is rumored where her spirit resides and currently haunts to this day.

However, residents have also reported sightings of her ghost in areas all over the city and it is safe to say that her spirit is not amongst the kindest that haunt New Orleans.

9. The Ghosts of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church

[Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, website]

Originally called the "Old Mortuary Church", the Lady of Guadalupe Church is the oldest church you can find in the city.

As the name suggests, this was the waiting place before the dead were moved to their final resting place in St. Louis cemetery where victims of yellow fever, murder, and the elderly have all passed through.

Local legend states that if family members of the deceased were to step foot inside the church they would also catch their diseases or become cursed.

This means that the only bodies that have passed through the church as those of the deceased, the pastors, and pallbearers, all of which also passed away from a mysterious disease.

10. The Ghosts of Le Petit Theatre

[Le Petit Theatre, website]

This theatre's original structure was built sometime during the 1780s but was later destroyed during the second great fire of New Orleans in 1794. Once it was rebuilt a few years later, it was later taken over by a Union General by the name of Benjamin Butler.

In 1922, the building was bought by the Drawing Room Players and the structure was reborn and reawoke the resting spirits underneath the structure.

Those that have had the chance to visit the establishment have reported seeing the ghosts of the Union soldiers wandering the hallways and other parts of the property. Sounds of muffled voices and conversations were heard presumably the spirits of the soldiers discussing military strategies.

One figure was even said to be found staring blankly at a wall as if he was in front of a mirror fixing his appearance. Once satisfied the figure would smile and disappear.

Mystery in NOLA

There's always a mystery lurking around the corner in New Orleans. This Halloween, choose to be spooked and visit these haunting places that make our city the "city of the dead."

While you embark on all the fun fall festivities like pumpkin carving and costume shopping, get into the Halloween spirit and venture into the mysteries of NOLA. Whether it's a haunted house, hotel, bookstore, or streetcar, we guarantee New Orleans will send a shiver down your spine.

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