Emily Hingle

The Peacock Room Is NOLA's Newest Lounge

15:07 June 28, 2021
By: Emily Hingle

New Orleans has a history of elaborate lounges. You can still hear about the days of the old Blue Room from those who were lucky enough to visit it, for example. The newly-opened Kimpton Hotel Fontentot has decided to bring the tradition of opulent lounging back, and the Peacock Room is welcoming visitors ready to experience it.

Walking into the Peacock Room is like diving into a blue and gold-drenched oasis. One side of it is lit with skylights and features quaint cafe seating that ends at the golden bar. This is the side best for those hoping to have a bite of Chef Chris Lusk's creations. Don't expect the menu to stay the same forever; Chef Lusk is too enthused about crafting new and exciting dishes for things to remain the same. The Blue Crab Pimento Cheese will be one of their most popular dishes. This striking dish of cheese, chiles, and lump crab piled onto toasted brioche is tangy and mouth-watering. Many of the dishes include Lusk's take on local seafood favorites like fried shrimp and oysters, but he makes them with his own expert twist that you'll have to experience to understand.

The other half of the Peacock Room is a low-ceilinged traditional lounge that is to-die for. From the ornate rugs to the plush furniture that you sink into to the gold ceiling (yes, a gold ceiling), you feel just like a million bucks. This is the side where you can enjoy a deep conversation over cocktails while listening to the serene sounds of Robin Barnes' band every Thursday night. The signature cocktails run the gamut from sweet to savory, and they all look lovely. The El Pavo Real was an unexpected treat. The drink is pink and pretty, topped with gorgeous edible flowers. However, one sip will expose the smoky, intoxicating flavors of Espolon Blanco and Ancho Reyes, which are made a little sweeter with hibiscus and pomegranate. The Right Place/Wrong Time, served in a white steel martini glass rimmed with gold, is the perfect after-dinner drink of Ketel One, coconut, and coffee.

If you want to experience the majesty of the Peacock Room, be sure to make your reservations in advance. This place is likely to be full every night from now on. You can learn more about the Peacock Room here.

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