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The Idea Village Announces New Music Business Accelerator Program

07:00 August 03, 2023
By: Burke Bischoff

Innovating the Music Industry

New Orleans non-profit The Idea Village has announced that applications for its brand-new music business accelerator are now open.

The accelerator, which is entitled METRONOME and is powered by The Idea Village's IDEAinstitue program, is designed for entrepreneurs who are seeking to solve problems or create new opportunities within the music industry. It will be part of the organization's IDEAinstitue Fall 2023 accelerator program, which will run for 10 weeks starting on September 5.

The overall mission for METRONOME is to provide resources, programming, and mentorship for music industry entrepreneurs in order to create businesses that help cultivate and grow New Orleans' cultural and music economy. The program is seeking those who support innovation in areas such as the recording industry, live performances and touring, digital music distribution, music software, hardware consumer products, and more.

In addition to the 10-week program, according to a press release from The Idea Village, METRONOME will also offer entrepreneurs specialized workshops, a focused co-working space, an industry-focused mentor, highly curated coaching sessions, and ongoing peer-to-peer connection opportunities.

"Given that New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz, a genre based and built on innovation, establishing this new accelerator track feels like a natural fit for our community," The Idea Village's Program Director Megan Balch said in a press release. "We are thrilled to offer this new program as a way to support bold entrepreneurs ready to create game-changing businesses for the music industry. Founders who are working to disrupt the ways that we create and/or consume culture today have the potential to significantly impact the incredible musicians and artists across our great city, and far beyond."

"This programming will ensure that the next wave of change within the music industry will take place here in New Orleans," Josh Fleig, senior vice president of Business Development at Greater New Orleans Inc., said in a press release. "The tools and knowledge gained from this initiative will be the secret ingredient in powering the growth of participating startups. We look forward to seeing the new companies that will grow from METRONOME's music business accelerator, powered by IDEAinstitute."

Anyone interested in taking part in METRONOME can submit an application through The Idea Village's website. The deadline to submit is August 25 at midnight CST.

METRONOME Launch Party

"PELL at NOEW 2023" [Courtesy of The Idea Village]

Additionally, The Idea Village, along with Greater New Orleans Inc., New Orleans & Company, Louisiana Entertainment, and the City of New Orleans will host a launch event for METRONOME at Tipitina's on 501 Napoleon Ave.

The event is free to attend and will take place on August 10 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. In addition to learning about new programs in the works, attendees will be able to enjoy live musical performances by NOLA artists such as Water Seed, SaxKixAve, and PELL. Musicians Allie Baby and Joshua Starkman will be hosting the event.

Those interested in attending the METRONOME launch party will need to RSVP through the event's Eventbrite page.

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