The Cluck Truck

00:00 July 07, 2014
By: David Vicari
[Courtesy of the Cluck Truck]

Guideaux's, a local Italian food truck, has revitalized their street presence with a new concept: The Cluck Truck. While Guideaux's will continue to provide food for special events and catering, The Cluck Truck offers fried chicken tenders and wings, truffle fries, buttermilk biscuits and waffles.

1.What sparked this change in cuisine from Italian to Southern comfort?

Luca DiSomma, Founder: I came up with both ideas at the same time, but opted for Italian because being born in Italy, it's what appealed to me. After six months of surveying the food truck landscape, it seemed obvious to me that The Cluck Truck would have a greater appeal in New Orleans.

2.What are some of your personal favorite local food trucks?

LS: Taceaux Loceaux definitely, Foodie Call, La Cocinita, and Frencheeze. I haven't had the chance to try them all though.

3.What are the benefits of running a food truck as opposed to a restaurant in a building?

LS: Obviously there are financial and logistical advantages, but for me the real benefit is never having to be in the same spot twice. It's hugely appealing to me to be able to move around and make food for different neighborhoods.

4.How can NOLA residents help the food truck industry become more readily available around the city?

LS: I would tell NOLA residents to keep an open mind about food trucks and to be supportive. There are many creative people in this industry, and a lot of good and original cuisine coming out of food trucks. We take it seriously and want to provide the best possible experience to our customers.

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