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The Cat Is Out of the Bag: The Amazing Acro-Cats are Back in New Orleans!

10:48 December 09, 2017
By: 2Fik

Cats have a certain reputation: cute, cuddly, stubborn, aloof. They do precisely what they want to do. They eat. They sleep. They chew up your most prized possessions and claw everything they can get their paws on. Including you. And we expect very little from them in return—purr, snuggle, use the litterbox and not the laundry basket.

But that’s what makes the Amazing Acro-Cats so purrfectly amazing. The Acro-Cats have far surpassed what we all thought cats were able (or willing) to do. Samantha Martin has taught her troupe of feline wonders to climb ropes, ring bells, push a shopping cart across the stage, jump through hoops, and a whole CATalog of other amazing tricks.

There are also the meow-velous Rockcats, a group of talented cat mew-sicians who play drums, saxophone, trumpet, guitar, keyboard, and of course, cowbell. Guest appearances include a trained woodchuck (I think), rats, and a bowling chicken named Cluck Norris (who also accompanies the Rockcats on cymbals and tambourine).

Does the concept of purr-forming cats still have you purr-plexed? Martin swears that you, too, can turn your furry friend into a star using her training method, and you can buy her training kit and DVD online or at the show. It’s like herding cats … only better.

Purr-haps we have long been underestimating the capabilities of cats.

This show is funny, entertaining, and impressive. And the cute factor exceeds even that of your favorite cat videos. Not to mention, Martin and the gang also support local animal shelters and help find homes for all those stray kitties out there.

So, put your paws together for the amazing Acro-Cats, and come see them live at the Theatre at St. Claude (right behind the Allways Lounge), now through December 17. Missing this adorable performance would be a CATastrophe!

For more information or to buy tickets, click HERE.

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