The Cambria Hotel Rings In The Mardi Gras Season
Jan 12 2018

The Cambria Hotel Rings In The Mardi Gras Season

By: Emily Hingle

The gorgeous Cambria Hotel has finally opened in New Orleans, and it brought with it quite the party. Psychics, bagpipers, Voodoo priestesses, and amazing food provided Executive Chef Vidak Sparr and St. James Cheese Company helped to make the affair a night to remember for the attendees that included Louisiana's Govener John Bel Edwards. 

The crowning glory of the night was a second line around the block that was lead by Warren Easton High School's Marching Band. 

The hotel will be a hit with its modern, chic New Orleans flair and creature comforts. The rooms are clean and sophisticated but with little touches of edginess everywhere. Skulls help to decorate every inch of the rooms. The largest suite had four portraits of famous Louisianians it. 

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