Emily Hingle

Take A Tour Of The Virgin Hotels New Orleans

11:36 December 11, 2021
By: Emily Hingle

The new Virgin Hotels New Orleans opened with great fanfare some weeks ago when Sir Richard Branson himself paraded down the street with the famed St. Augustine Marching 100 supporting him. Now that the Virgin Hotels has settled in, it's time to get to know it a little better.

The open-air rooftop Pool Club is incredibly inviting and offers a wide-view of the New Orleans skyline. You can pull up a seat or a lounge to have a fun evening with friends or even have a seat next to the fireplace. The other side of the fireplace is situated inside a room sharing the rooftop. The wood-paneled lounge is named Dreamboat. At the dreamy Dreamboat, you can catch a local musician or DJ regularly, and I hear the old 80s Night from One Eyed Jacks is relocating here!

For those staying the night and looking to splurge, you can request Richard's Flat or The Penthouse, which look down upon the pool area while giving you an unparalleled view of the CBD and beyond.

Locals will love hanging out in the Commons Club, which is the street-level bar/lounge/restaurant/funny library. The swanky multi-room area features a totally different design for each room so that you can take a cool selfie in each room. Commons Club also offers fabulous foods for sunny brunches, decadent dinners, and in-between snacks.

Hotel hang-outs are THE social spots to be seen in right now, and there's no better backdrop than Virgin!

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