Staying Focused in New Orleans

09:00 September 19, 2019
By: Kimmie Tubré

New York is considered the city that never sleeps. This is mostly due to the late-night bodegas and the 24-hour access to just about anything you want and need. But when it comes to never having a break from the festivities, New Orleans takes the cake-from Halloween to New Years Eve to Mardi Gras to Festival Season-and let's not forget the family-oriented celebrations of Good Friday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There is literally always something to distract you from your goals. Not to mention that hey all happen all over again, year after year.

With about 400 festivals annually across the state of Louisiana, just when you think you'll have a second to focus, another activity is on the way. When there is down time, friends want to enjoy a Happy Hour or day drinking during a rainless day. Trying to accomplish things becomes a tiring task. Even national companies seem to run more lenient offices in the city because they know that it isn't called the Big Easy for no reason. While most locals are used to this festive schedule of events, many newbies and some residents find it difficult to manage their professional time with all the happenings. This leads to the unavoidable questions: Is it possible to focus in New Orleans? Can you complete your goals? If so, how do you go about it?

Here are some ways to keep your mind intact in the most eventful city in America:

Time Management

Time is seemingly moving faster and faster. If you seem to lead a life of unresolved resolutions, you may want to consider time management as an option.

It's okay to party and enjoy, but designating daily or weekly time to focus on a goal can make a huge difference. Whether your goal is to be more productive on the job or finish that book you started, achieving it by working on it for small periods of time will certainly help you get to the finish line. It's as simple as taking 15 to 30 minutes a day or an hour or two per week. Make a schedule and try to stick to it.

Reward Yourself

Face it, we all love gifts, prizes, and rewards. Managing time isn't for everyone. For some, knowing that you'll be gratified for completing something will always propel them to completion. Don't just think of the reward. Write it down. "If I run three times a week for a month, I can enjoy a few beers at Jazz Fest."

The bigger the goal, the bigger the award. Be sure that it's a feasible award. Don't award things out of your budget unless your goal is related to money. Try to avoid things out of your range. Losing 30 pounds in two weeks to fit into a reward is almost impossible, especially in a city that loves food.

If you promise yourself rewards that are impossible for you, you'll likely never complete your goal. Make it reasonable, and the treat will be worthwhile.

Take Time For Yourself
(Alone Time)

We live in a city where it is very hard to avoid distractions. But anything is easy to avoid when you isolate yourself. How often are you shamed for being anti-social or simply not having a drink at a party with your friends? NOLA residents are hard on each other when it comes to a lack of enjoyment. Here's what you do-ignore everyone
and everything.

Put your phone away, sit inside alone, and get to work. If you're at work, put those headphones in and ignore, ignore, ignore. Lastly, if your house is busy and you can get away, run to the nearest coffee shop. There are several local shops filled with people working hard and focusing on their
own goals.

There's Always Next Year

Time management is easier said than done. When it comes to rewarding yourself, some people lack control, and their lives just become an everyday motto of "treat yourself." As for isolation, this option isn't for everyone and can be quite unhealthy for some people. It's normal to enjoy interaction with others.

If nothing else works and you really find trouble focusing because there's always something to do, remember that in the city of New Orleans, there is always next year. While not all events are annual, most of the biggest ones are. So if you miss that parade or that gorgeous day at the French Quarter Festival, just know that there will be more beautiful days and more festivals-and Mardi Gras happens every year.

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