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Spare Tires

10:21 January 16, 2017
By: Keith John Paul Horcasitas
With all of the great eating we get around these parts of Louisiana, you know we can be prone to developing "Spare tires!" 

I'm also trying to knock down the little paunch that I have - it probably started at first as they used to call a "beer belly" from too many Dixie beers! 

The 5K Runs that I occasionally participate in do help, like the upcoming CCC in N'Awlins and the recent LA Marathon, but the Fat Boy Race coming up soon certainly adds to the stomach's extension, as is it so much fun with sausage, beer, donuts, moon pies, etc. awaiting you as you finish! 

But one useful bit of info that I may share about this topic is roadworthy: some newer cars don't have a spare tire! No kidding. 

I found out from a friend that some new cars don't even have those tiny spare tire wheels anymore - in the spare tire spot in the trunk, you will only find a DC-powered compressor and the container of tire sealant! 

Someone I know discovered this after they had a blow-out on the road, but the sealant surely didn't help much with that situation.
Nowadays, it also helps that we have roadside service per the DOTD – I see them all the time helping stranded drivers with flats on the interstates, as well as them helping to warn drivers for upcoming dangers.
Once, when I was in graduate social work out in San Diego California, I ran out of gas on I-8 going from our El Cajon apartment to SDSU to give a formal presentation for my MSW / Gerontology Emphasis degree.
I was dressed up for the occasion in my Blue Seer Sucker Suit, including a vest, so as I started walking along the elevated interstate, a nice elderly lady, Miss Delores, stopped and offered me assistance to not only go get some gas but then to come back to my car.
It was so neat to chat with her during that ride, her sharing about some needs that I could help her out per referring her to community elder resources, and I was able to help fix a flat that she had while we were on that ride – how ironic!
What a lesson I learned that day about “the study of aging (Gerontology)” - I got to weave her into my MSW presentation, in which I aced!

So the moral of the story: the next time you head out in your wheels to your watering-hole/po-boy shop, be sure to take your own spare tire with you - no, not the one with a portly circumference!
And as I learned so well from Miss Delores, we can all help each other and spare some time to listen and talk with each other – especially without hand-held devices...
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