Santa Claws Has Come to Town with the Amazing Acro-Cats!

15:08 December 17, 2018

If you think that herding cats is a challenge, you should try getting them to walk a tightrope, push a mini-shopping cart across the room, roll around on a ball, or jump through hoops. But that’s what Tuna, Asti, Oz, and the rest of the troupe of purr-forming cats known as the Acro-Cats have been trained to do. These fantastic felines even “play” guitar, saxophone, trumpet, drums, keyboard, and cowbell in the world-famous Rock Cats band—accompanied by the legendary bowling chicken, named Cluck Norris, on cymbals.

The Amazing Acro-Cats show is simply the cat’s meow, and these cool cats are the cat’s pajamas. Cat whisperer Samantha Martin has trained her beloved cast of cats to do things that most kitties would dig in their claws and simply refuse to do—though Martin swears that even the fussiest of felines can be trained to overcome cat-like stubbornness and bad cattitudes to do tricks. In fact, she markets and sells the training kit and DVD to prove it, so that you can train your own cat at home.

You’ll see cats flying through the air, climbing ropes, hanging from bars, and executing other cat-robatic feats. They ring bells, turn on a light-up “applause” sign, jump over bars, barrel-roll, and bowl (though not as well as the chicken). And with Martin’s bits of humor and endearing purr-sonality added to the onstage purr-formance, it’s sure to be a purr-fectly good time for the whole family. It will leave you grinning like a Cheshire cat.

There are not many chances to see a real, true cat circus. This show is even better than your favorite viral cat video, because it’s live and right there in front of you. I’m not kittying you, it’s adorable; it’s fun; it’s kitties doing tricks. Or, as Jade Bergeron, audience member and cat-lover, described it, it’s “a show of cuteness!” But there are only a few more purr-formances before Martin and her kitty colleagues pack into the cat-mobile bus and hit the road for their next destination. So, come see these four-legged wonders while you still can. Will you ever see another cat show this good? Not a cat in hell’s chance. Don’t miss it.

The Amazing Acro-Cats will be purr-forming until December 23 at the AllWays Lounge and Cabaret, 2240 St. Claude Ave. Showtimes vary. For more information or to purr-chase tickets, go to

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