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Rocky Horror Coming to the Mahalia Jackson Theater this October

07:00 May 10, 2024
By: Eliana Sarfati-Magill

Let's Do the Time Warp Again!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is returning to the Mahalia Jackson Theater this fall for its 49th annual spectacular tour. The show is set to kick off at the theater on October 24 with several exciting cast members. The original Magenta, Patricia Quinn, will be greeting fans after the performance.

The show is celebrating its nearly 50 year run of being a well-loved cult classic. In fact, Rocky Horror is film history's longest running theatrical release. This special viewing of the show will include some additional excitement, including a costume contest and a performance from the local NOLA shadow cast. There will also be a display of memorabilia from the show, including props and costumes used in the original movie. Like all traditional and delightful Rocky Horror showings, this screening will include opportunities for audience members to respond and participate in the performance.

[Courtesy of the Mahalia Jackson Theater]

Rocky Horror is a cult classic that originally came out in 1975. The iconic film was counter cultural at the time and is loved for its scandalous depictions of unbridled fun and sexuality. Since then, the show has continued to be screened around the world, often accompanied by a shadow cast of actors performing the show with the film playing behind them. Audience members throw toast, scream "Damnit, Janet," and more as the salacious plot unfolds.

Tickets will go on sale Friday, May 10 at 10 a.m. with options to purchase online or at the Saenger's box office. VIP ticket options are available for those interested in meeting Patricia Quinn. The show plays year round at the Prytania Theater in New Orleans for those itching to get in the spirit before fall. Make sure to reserve a spot in advance for this sure to sell out show.

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