(Images provided by Emily Hingle)

Peaches Performs at the Music Box Village

13:53 October 14, 2017
By: Emily Hingle

Warning: This review is not for the faint of heart. Peaches is a woman, but she's no lady. 

Coming up in the 90s riot girl scene, Peaches was a force to be reckoned with and shocked by. Her controversial and sexully-charged performances were such a spectacle that she's been called more of a performance artist than a songwriter. Her shows are full of genitals in every shape, color, and size. 

For this very particular performance at the Music Box Village, Peaches came out behind a parade of her band which featued Sean Yseult, Tif Lamson, Delish de Goddess and more, flag twirlers, dancers, and much more; she appeared in a massive furry pink suit. The entire evening was like a dirty, glittery Dr. Suess book. She performed some of her crowd favorites like "Vaginoplasty," "F**k the Pain Away," and did a encore of  her most popular song "Boys Wanna Be Her" as she stripped down more and more, running around the complex to sing songs in different areas in strange manners of dress. 

I feel that there was no better venue for Peaches in this show; the show was gritty, weird and oh so wonderful. 

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