NOLA Bartender is New Face of Piehole Whiskey

06:30 March 16, 2016
By: Kathy Bradshaw

Piehole Whiskey is a new brand of whiskey, inspired by the pies your granny used to bake.  Created in 2014 and available in three different popular pie flavors (apple, cherry, and pecan), Piehole is a great whiskey even for the non-whiskey drinker.  It mixes well and is perfect for anyone who enjoys a good cocktail… and for anyone who’s nostalgic for Grandma’s home-baked goodies.

Piehole Whiskey, who sports the slogan, “It’s perfect for your piehole, so slice off a shot,” labels each of their bottles with a brightly colored, 1950s pin-up-style model posing on a giant slice of pie.

In 2015, they launched a national campaign to find the perfect girl for their newest flavor, which is yet to be distributed nor even revealed.  Wanting to keep it authentic and to honor those in the liquor biz, the brand decided to seek its potential models from a pool of bartenders across the country.  Participants in the Piehole Whiskey Sweetheart Contest posed in vintage-style photo shoots.  New Orleans’ very own Brooke Flaherty, of popular French Quarter bar Cosimo’s, was one of those nominated to take part. 

Once the field of sweetheart-worthy contestants was narrowed down to nine finalists—with Brooke among them—the contest went to a national vote on the Piehole Whiskey website. Every single day for months, friends, family, and Cosimo’s regulars let their voices be heard…and successfully at that.  Brooke Flaherty won the contest, and made New Orleans proud.  She will be appearing on the label of the upcoming new pie-themed whiskey flavor.  She is thrilled with her victory, and is extremely thankful for all her supporters at Cosimo’s who helped it happen by voting daily.

On Monday March 14, Cosimo’s honored their very own celebrity with a congratulatory party for Ms. Flaherty. The event included food, Piehole Whiskey cocktails which Brooke created… and a big unveiling of a mock-up of the future label.  But still no news on what pie flavor she’ll be representing... that part will be a surprise.

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