[Michael C. Hebert, New Orleans Saints]

New Orleans Saints Defeated the New York Giants

21:20 December 17, 2023
By: Reine Dugas

Saints Win 24-6 on Dec. 17

After defeating the Carolina Panthers 28-6 last week, the Saints were in the Dome for their third consecutive home game to take on the New York Giants. And take them on they did with a 24-6 score on the board and a win that they really needed.

The Saints were tied for first place in the NFC South and had to secure a win to stay in the running for division title. However, the Giants (5-8) had been doing well, winning three games in a row and holding on to a wild-card possibility.

Now at 7-7, the Saints looked like they were trying to put the struggles behind them that they have had in the first half of the season.

[Michael C. Hebert, New Orleans Saints]

Coming off of a three game winning streak, the Giants, led by Tommy DeVito, came to the Dome energized. Earlier in the week, Demario Davis noted that DeVito has brought a lot of energy and consistency to the offense and is playing at a high level. Davis said Devito and Saquon Barkley were challenges they'd have to be ready for.

Tanoh Kpassagnon [Michael C. Hebert, New Orleans Saints]
The defense was indeed ready, holding the Giants to two field goals. They really held back the Giants' running game. And this defense stacked up seven sacks, three of them by Tanoh Kpassagnon.

After the game, Kpassagnon said, "We put pressure on the quarterback. We've been having good pressure on the quarterback."

"Gotta keep tapping the rock until it break and that's what we did today," Kpassagnon said. "I think we did our job. It feels good to have a three sack game."

With Chris Olave inactive, Derek Carr relied heavily on others to make big plays. The first touchdown came in the first quarter with Carr passing to Kirkwood. The second TD came with a deep pass to Johnson for a 23 yard score. In the fourth quarter, Graham scored a one yard TD catch. Grupe performed well, making extra points and a field goal.

The Saints Stepped Up

Carr made some good decisions and managed the game pretty well, especially with Olave out of the mix. After the game, Carr said he was "really proud of the guys who stepped up. Guys were making catches and running their routes. This game felt good." He went on, "I just want to win here. That's all I want to do."

[WYA Staff]

Coach Dennis Allen said, "I feel like this was a complete game by our team. Our veteran group is a good one and know what's at stake. Our tight ends stepped up and played well in the game."

The Saints go on to play the Rams this Thursday on the road, and fans are hoping the team can bring this same energy with them to secure another win in a short week.

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