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N’Fungola Sibo Dance & Drum Company and the NOMAADS Festival

12:00 July 01, 2022
By: Tatum Arbogast

Dancing to the Joy of Cultural Traditions

At the root of its being, New Orleans is a city of rich, mixed, and authentic cultural traditions and people. From French to Spanish, Vietnamese, African, and so much more, the Crescent City is a true melting pot of flavors from around the world, and if there's one thing New Orleanians do best, it's celebrating those cultures and people that make this city so vibrantly unique. On August 12 through 14, N'Fungola Sibo Dance & Drum Company is calling on our inclination toward celebration once again. The New Orleans Music and African Dance Spectacle or NOMAADS Festival is coming to the Crescent City for three days of workshops, dancing, and musical performances that demonstrate the connection between cultural traditions of New Orleans, Africa, and Cuba. Grab your dancing shoes for NOMAADS Festival and join us in dancing to the joy of cultural traditions that make us so unique, while simultaneously bringing us together in the best of ways.

Bringing Us Together at NOMAADS Festival

This August 12 marks the beginning of what may become a yearly celebration of African and Cuban culture in the heart of New Orleans. N'Fungola Sibo's inaugural NOMAAD Festival will bring us together for a celebration of rich cultural traditions and heritage that are an integral part of the fabric that makes up the Crescent City. The New Orleans Music and African Dance Spectacle and N'Fungola Sibo Dance & Drum Company are more than excited to welcome one and all to the 2022 inaugural festival!

NOMAADS Festival is all about bringing cultures and people together, and with a vision like that, it's no surprise that this year's celebration is promised to call upon musicians, drummers, dancers, and culture bearers from across the world. Each of these representatives are sure to bring their own unique flavor and style to the NOMAADS Festival, making it an event that you cannot miss.

The three-day celebration will include intensive workshops, dazzling performances, and a gala concert dedicated to celebrating and uplifting African heritage, music, and traditions. The workshops are offered each day of the NOMAADS Festival at Dance Quarter and the Jazz & Heritage Foundation's Wein Center. N'Fungola Sibo Dance & Drum Company's workshops will be an incredible way to learn more about the rich cultural heritage represented at the NOMAAD Festival, while also having some plain and simple fun.

Musical and dance performances will be taking the center stage each day, with Friday the 12 going from 5:30 till 7:00pm and the 13 and 14 open almost all day, from 9:00am until 5:30pm. The must-see gala concert is scheduled to take place August 13 at the Wein Center beginning at 7:00pm and going till 8:30pm. For a full list of drum and dance performances, feel free to check out the schedule. NOMAADS Festival tickets are ready for purchase, and youth, ages 10-17, are more than welcome to dance alongside their fellow community members.

The non-profit, New Orleans-based organization, N'Fungola Sibo Dance & Drum Company offers classes year-round in West African dance and drum performance with the aim to educate people on authentic African culture. For the NOMAADS Festival, their team is channeling all their passion for African culture and heritage into a three-day event of cherishing, celebrating, and sharing their uniqueness. Come together this August 12 through 14 for an incredible experience filled with dance, music, and education surrounding the African cultural traditions that fuel our city.

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