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New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation Joins Giving Tuesday Movement

07:00 November 28, 2023
By: Amelia Hervey

Supporting Jazz Fest Archives on Giving Tuesday

The Archive of the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation has created a campaign for Giving Tuesday to preserve over 3,000 audio and video tapes, along with photographs and various materials found in the Michael Murphy Collection spanning from 1989-2009. This noteworthy collection holds cultural importance that transcends the Gulf Coast Region, resonating on an international scale. It captures not only the musical aspects, but also vividly portrays the street culture, craftsmanship, and cuisine that contribute to Louisiana's global appeal as a destination.

The Archive houses a wealth of materials spanning more than five decades, originating from the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival and Foundation. At the core of this Collection are recordings from Jazz Fest's Allison Miner Music Heritage Stage, as well as the African, Folk, and Food Heritage stages. These sessions serve as a crucial source of insight into Louisiana's cultural richness and global influence. Furthermore, the Archive actively acquires art, ephemera, and various materials from independent contributors.

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Producer and Director of Jazz Fest Quint Davis has said that "[t]his is a worldwide treasure, and we're here to ask for your support to help bring that treasure to the world."

Within the Murphy Collection, there are over 30 recordings capturing Jimmy Buffet's performances at Jazz Fest. These materials, meticulously cataloged for over two decades, are now slated for digitization. The preservation of these tapes will ensure the legacy of these iconic shows and allow the joy that Jimmy Buffet created to live on.

The Foundation has unveiled a video with Quint Davis, Jazz & Heritage Archivist Rachel Lyons, and Emmy Award-winning producer, director, and writer Michael Murphy. In this video, they delve into Jimmy Buffet's profound connection with New Orleans, particularly evident in his performances at Jazz Fest. Buffet's deep affection for the Crescent City is vividly portrayed in his contributions to the festival.

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Lyons stated that "Jimmy combined musical styles to tell stories much like a troubadour or shantyman of years gone by" and that "[h]is music united and celebrated all sorts of folks including misfits, malcontents, and the masses in artful storytelling. At its core, it is a continuation of the New Orleans music tradition." The full video can be viewed on YouTube.

Giving Tuesday is observed on November 28, a worldwide initiative fueled by individuals, organizations, communities, and charities. The impact of the movement extends far beyond financial contributions, serving as a catalyst for various forms of giving, promoting acts of kindness, fundraising for local non-profits, and celebrating the spirit of generosity. Giving Tuesday provides an opportunity for global unity by harnessing the transformative power of giving.

To support the efforts of the Archive, donate on Facebook or the Jazz & Heritage Foundation's website.

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