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The Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience Plans to Expand

07:00 April 18, 2024
By: Eliana Sarfati-Magill

Support Jewish Family Research

New Orleans' Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience is raising money to create a Southern Jewish Family Research Center on their third floor. They are seeking donations of all sizes, including the naming rights to each room for bigger donors.

The expansion plans include five new rooms, each dedicated to preserving history and researching Jewish genealogy. The Reference Library will house all the museum's collected books, reference materials, and genealogy histories from families and congregations. It will also serve as a reading room and library. There will also be on-site archives, which will serve as a safe place to store sensitive and archival materials.

The next room will be a space for conservation and digitalization in which staff will categorize and digitalize archives for display. There will also be an oral history studio in which the first-hand memories of the Southern Jewish experience will be preserved for future generations. The last room will be a special exhibition gallery, which will house a rotating array of exhibits in addition to the museum's permanent ones.

Join the expansion campaign and help the Museum of the Southern Jewish Experience grow through donations and support this upcoming year. Support the preservation and education of Southern Jewish history through helping the museum flourish!

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