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Let’s Zoom Through This

09:00 September 11, 2020
By: Blake Anderson

Zoom has become a popular platform for businesses, families, and friends to stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.Zoom is a free communication technology company that brings teams together in a digital, frictionless environment. Upgraded plans are available starting at $150 a year for access to additional features. This platform has changed the ways that families and friends celebrate birthdays, how students are educated, and how businesses keep things running. But for both employees and employers, Zoom can cause them to question how they are supposed to conform to this new way of doing business.

Zoom offers functions for online meetings, video webinars that allow for marketing events, virtual conference rooms for firms, a marketplace, and a phone system. And with so many possibilities and the ever-changing boundaries and rules that come with it, it can be hard to navigate the world of digital business. No worries, Where Y'at has provided a speedy guide to acting professional on Zoom.

Start with checking your camera, as you always want to know where it is pointed. The main benefit to this is hiding your new "Every Day is No-Pants Day" motto. Next, and most importantly, master the mute button. You do not want to get caught badmouthing Karen in HR to your husband—awkward.

And we get it, being at home right next to the kitchen gives urges to snack … All. Day. Long. Resist the temptation and put the chips aside when Zooming—you might not realize it, but eating online is distracting to your co-workers. Of course, a hot cup of tea or water bottle is perfectly acceptable. If you are a multi-tasker, try to be as discrete as possible. You do not want to be deemed as the one who is slacking or who doesn't care, when really, you're just trying to respond to a pressing email. It can also be distracting to those who notice. Some experts advise not to be the first to log on to the meeting or the last to sign off—it can be considered uncool or even gauche. And finally, always be sure to thank your host when the meeting is over.

We hope these tips help you to feel more comfortable in front of the camera and guarantee you job security.

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