Steven Hatley

KMFDM with Chant at Tipitina's

15:00 October 04, 2022
By: Steve Hatley

KMDFM played with Chant this past weekend at Tipitina's.

KMFDM (Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid, loosely translated as "no pity for the majority" and not Kill M F Depeche Mode) is an industrial band form Hamburg Germany and in the midst of their 2022 tour. The tour got off to a shaky start due to Hurricane Ian, for which the band had to cancel two show. This tour is in support of the band's lates album Hyena of which four songs were played during their set. The set itself was rounded out by several of the bands hits, but noticeably missing was "WWIII." The band, as usual, didn't stray away from self-promotion as Sascha Konietzko proudly word the tour t-shirt; he seems to do this every tour. The show was a blast of energy from beginning to end and elevated every time a fan favorite was played; "A Drug Against War," "Blindface'" and "Godlike" being those highlights. With that energy, the band used strobe and moving lights to highlight the pulsing beats of the evening.

On this tour, as many times in the past, KMFDM brought along the gothic industrial duo Chant to open up for them. Their energy and stage show are the right combination to lead into a KMFDM set. You can see more pictures here.

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