[All Photos by Jennifer Salazar]

Jazz Festing on a Friday

09:00 May 05, 2024
By: Jennifer Salazar

Touring Jazz Fest May 3, 2024

Jazz Fest is known to be the most famous festival in New Orleans as it celebrates Louisiana culture and heritage.

Uptown Ruler Cyril Neville [Photo by Jennifer Salazar]

The day started with light rain but cleared by 1 p.m. and large crowds were ready to fest all day. The Fair Grounds are vast and offer various flavorful Louisiana food options that never seem to end. You could also explore crafts, culture, art installations, and music. The Ochsner Children's Tent and other areas offered plenty of activities for little ones. I saw children blowing giant bubbles with a mermaid and eating sno-balls while learning about Louisiana culture.

The festival grounds are extensive, so I recommend going for more than just one day. Whenever you turn your head, you find another food vendor, artist, installation, or musician playing their heart out. They are fast and efficient with the food lines, so don't get intimidated if a few lines look long. You will get your serving in no time.

The Shell Gentilly Stage was a sea of people singing every lyric of Hozier's latest hit "Too Sweet." "Too Sweet" marks the fifth Hot 100 No. 1 hit by an Irish musician on Billboard. It's the first since the 1990 hit "Nothing Compares 2 U" by Sinéad O'Connor. With it being tradition, many artists playing at Jazz Fest later found themselves spontaneously performing at a local venue in the late hours of the Crescent City. Hozier sang "Take Me to Church" at Preservation Hall for their famous late-night event, "Midnight Preserves."

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