(Images Provided by Emily Hingle)

Ivan Neville Celebrates The Meters

09:07 October 23, 2017
By: Emily Hingle

Ivan Neville has been performing on New Orleans stages for all of his life, and he definitely doesn't want to slow down now. He's got his successful band Dumpstaphunk to tour with, but he wanted to give something back to the community that raised him and his famous musical family by doing something on a smaller, more local scale. 

Ivan will be performing once a month at the Ace Hotel's Three Keys venue, an intimate spot to get up close and personal with a wide variety of artists. Ivan was happy to celebrate his inaugural show with a band featuring his cousin Ian (also in Dumpstaphunk) and George Porter, Jr. on the bass and vocals. George was the only original Meter member on stage this night. They didn't just play any old songs: they were celebrating the amazing, storied legacy of The Meters. The Meters was spearheaded by Ivan's uncle Art, and their albums are considered to be New Orleans in the form of music. 

For this particular kick-off show, Ivan and his band celebrated The Meters' contribution to music; in collaboration with Vinyl Me Please, Ace Hotel will be selling the brand new vinyl pressing of The Meter's Uptown Rules: Live on the Queen Mary with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit the New Orleans Musicians' Clinic. Though the next day would be Monday, that didn't stop everyone from shaking it down on a Sunday night. Ivan's subsequent shows will feature a bevy of guest musicians and a variety of tunes. 

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