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Ideas for Staying Cool, Even Without A/C

09:00 July 24, 2020
By: Kayla Martinez

The Louisiana summer heat is never exactly desirable, but without A/C yourself, or the prospects of running off to an indoor movie or the community pool to cool off elsewhere, it sometimes feels downright unbearable. Here are a few tips and tricks, originally from CNN, to help you keep your cool this summer.

1.Close your blinds
If you're looking to block the heat, your best bet is to block the sun. Closing the blinds and curtains on windows facing the sun will prevent some of that outside heat from making its way into the house, allowing you and your family to keep cool.

2.Drink water
Listen, we know it's easy to forget, but especially in the summer, it's important to stay hydrated. Regardless of the water's temperature, drinking it is sure to help your body regulate its temperature.

3.Switch out your light bulbs
It's a subtle difference, but switching out your lightbulbs is good for the temperature of your home and for your wallet. LED light bulbs generate less heat than incandescent ones, and because they're energy efficient, they last longer, too. We'd recommend looking out for sales and making the switch now or over a longer period of time.

4.Close the door
This is an easy one: If nobody's inside a room, close the door. You'll keep the cool air from going into rooms that no one is using, saving it all for yourself.

5.Use a slow cooker, cook outside, or cook in the morning
The way you prepare your meals could be seriously heating up your home. Using the oven tends to warm up the whole area, so we'd recommend doing this in the morning to avoid combining the heat from outside with that of the oven. Better yet, avoid using the oven at all, and use a slow cooker, which centralizes the heat. Or, if you have a grill, cook outside.

We wish you the best of luck staying cool as we make it through the warmest part of the summer. And, of course, if it's that hot, you could always grab a pint of ice cream or make a pitstop at the snowball stand!

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