Courtesy of George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts

High Schoolers to Compete in Pandemic-Inspired Art and Songwriting Contests

17:00 December 14, 2020
By: Abbey Hebert

With the pandemic this year, a lot of people discovered hidden talents. Some talents they knew were there the whole time, but the pandemic allowed them to better their skills. For the second year, The George Rodrigue Foundation of the Arts and the Trombone Shorty Foundation will have art and songwriting contests for high school juniors and seniors in Louisiana. The theme for the contest this year is "Alone Together: Art in the Time of Pandemic."

The foundations encourage students to reflect on their year and how it affected their life and to put this feeling into their work. The winners will receive a combined total of $25,000 in college scholarships, and 10 artists and three songwriters will be selected. When creating artwork or songs, the foundations want the artists to think about how disaster and disease have shaped art throughout history, how their lives have personally changed because of COVID-19, what they miss from before the pandemic, and their hopes for the future.

For the art contest, artists will be judged on concept and design, technical skill, and creativity. The judges will select 10 finalists to share $19,000 in college scholarships. All winning creations will travel across multiple cities in Louisiana to be exhibited.

Songwriters will be judged on structure and composition, melody, and lyrics. The song must be two to five minutes long, and it must be an original piece by the person submitting it. To submit your song, you must create a profile on Soundcloud and upload your music sample. You will share the link to your profile on your application. The judges will select three winners to share $6,000 in college scholarships, along with additional prizes to be announced.

The deadline for the contest is Friday, February 26, 2021. Submissions can be submitted here. There is no GPA requirement, and contestants are not required to be studying art or music to receive scholarship awards. The awards ceremony will take place virtually, due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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