Image Courtesy of the Louisiana Renaissance Festival

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Become Part of the Ren Fest Magic in Late 2021

13:00 June 04, 2021
By: Brando Mena

The Louisiana Renaissance Festival wears many hats. It is a theme park, a theatre, holiday shopping event, and an interactive educational experience all rolled into one. It presents to us the best parts of the 16th century in a fun, safe, clean, and educational way. Every autumn, creating the English "Village of Albright" from scratch takes the combined effort of more than 600 artisans and entertainers. For any and all interested in becoming a part of the "Albright Players" cast, an informative presentation and subsequent Q&A will be held on Saturday, June 12, at 46468 River Rd. in Hammond. After the presentation, anyone is welcomed to take part in a very easy audition, which consists answering a few questions about yourself and being prepared to either tell a joke, recite a monologue, or sing a song.

After being cast, the Albright Players are required to attend workshops that will focus on the process of finding the character best fit for you, which includes costuming, acting training, and performance rehearsals. The workshops run every year from April to October on the second Saturday of each month and every month will build on the work of the last. These completely free-of-charge workshops are a fantastic way to hone and refine your acting craft, no matter your level of previous experience.

The Albright Players accommodate every kind of talent, from seasoned acting pros to beginners and even whole families who want to perform together. The festival welcomes players of all ages (though anyone under 16 years old will need an adult chaperone over 21 years old on cast), skill level (advanced, beginner), and even personality types (extroverted, introverted). No matter who you are, the Albright Players have a role for you!

For those with already polished acts who are interested in joining the paid, professional cast, please contact Alvon Brumfield at Please include a video or a link to you performing your act with a live audience present.

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