Sarah Douglass

Hanson at the Joy Theater

10:00 July 20, 2022
By: Sarah Douglas

On Thursday night, the Joy Theater welcomed Hanson to their stage. Hanson, who consists of brothers Taylor, Zac and Isaac, hail from Tulsa Oklahoma and have toured all over the world. Hanson quickly rose to fame in 1997 with the release of their smash hit "Mmm, Bop," when the youngest brother Zac, was only 11 years old. They have sold 16 million records worldwide and have 3 top 20 US Hot 100 singles. In 2021, they were featured on the immensely popular tv show, The Masked Singer. The brothers were disguised as the Russian Dolls and they made it to fifth place before they were unmasked.

With a career stretching over 30 years, the band played over 20 songs, covering tracks from each of their records. After a few songs as a full band, the brothers would take turns doing solo songs and having chats with the audience. They were very engaged with their fans and took time to reflect on their success over the years and to thank their fans for being there every step of the way. Their audience ranged in fans from small children to older adults, showing Hanson is still touching the lives of pop music lovers all over the world.

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