[Emily Hingle]

Fozzy Brings The Boombox

18:23 May 06, 2022
By: Emily Hingle

Fozzy has been going strong since the year 2000 (that's 22 years!!). I think that it was safe to say there were at least a couple of fans in the audience who weren't even alive yet when Fozzy was created. Even though the rock group began as a cover band known as Fozzy Osbourne helmed by guitarist Rich Ward with esteemed wrestler Chris Jericho as an occasional vocalist who called himself Mongoose McQueen, Fozzy has proved that they rock as hard as the many legendary bands that they once covered.

Taking the stage with incredible energy and vigor, Fozzy burst into their most popular works of art. Many of the bangers were from their 2017 album Judas including "Drinkin' With Jesus" and "Painless." Fozzy was required to play probably their most popular song "Judas" which has the distinction of being certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. Gold Status means that the song has been sold or downloaded at least 500,000 units over its lifetime!

Chris was looking like a true rock god in an impressive black leather jacket fully covered with studs, chains, and painted flames. And no shirt. His signature blonde locks swung wildly as he churned through "Lights Go Out," "Do You Wanna Start A War," and so many more songs.

Swinging his arms like a maestro, he told the crowd all about Fozzy's brand new album Boombox released on May 6th. The band performed songs from the new record including "I Still Burn" and Purifier" which the raging audience highly approved of.

I don't think I've ever seen someone happier to be on stage than Chris Jericho. He spent every second hyping up the crowd and picking up his mic stand, wielding it like a staff. As one of the most famous wrestlers in modern history, Chris absolutely knows about crowd work which is what made his show so engaging.

Fozzy's Save The World Tour certainly did save the day here in New Orleans. It was such a burst of energy and fun for the rock crowd that may be a little overlooked in a jazz town.

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