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Five Places to Visit in NOLA for National Absinthe Day

09:00 March 01, 2021
By: Kellie Arevalo

On Wednesday, March 5, people will be drinking absinthe to celebrate National Absinthe Day. Absinthe is distilled alcohol that is infused with botanicals such as anise, wormwood, fennel, and other herbs and spices that give it a green color with a licorice-like taste. Also known as "the green fairy," absinthe originated in Switzerland in the 18th century and became popular among artists and writers in other European countries. In modern times, absinthe is not as popular but is still served in select bars. These five bars in New Orleans will concoct the best absinthe mixed drinks to celebrate National Absinthe Day.

Old Absinthe House is located right in the French Quarter on the corners of Bienville and Bourbon. The famous Absinthe Frappe, invented by Cayetano Ferrer, contains Herbsaint, Anisette, and soda water. The Sazerac and Mother's Milk are other cocktails that are perfect to celebrate the special occasion. You cannot go wrong ordering absinthe at the Old Absinthe House. 240 Bourbon St., 504-523-3181, www.ruebourbon.com

The Sazerac Bar is an excellent spot located right in the Roosevelt Hotel. The Sazerac, the official cocktail of New Orleans, is made up of Sazerac Rye, Peychaud's Bitters, sugar, and Herbsaint. Enjoy your Sazerac while sitting in elegant barstools and basking in an indoor atmosphere that replicates a vintage New Orleans. 130 Roosevelt Way, 504-658-1200, www.therooseveltneworleans.com

Pirate's Alley Café is a memento of all the pirates that once walked through the streets of New Orleans. Absinthe is served here with the ability to have it how you like it. With no specific menu, you can order what you want at the bar. This café is the perfect place to relax, hang out with friends and family, and enjoy the history of pirates and absinthe in a neighborly environment. 622 Pirate Alley, 504-524-9332, www.piratesalleycafe.com

Jewel of the South is a hidden restaurant and bar in the outskirts of the French Quarter. The famous Jewel Sazerac is filled with flavorful ingredients and has a simple process: stir with ice, strain into a rocks glass, serve up, and garnish with a lemon peel. The brick walls and lanterns give it a tavern ambiance on the inside. There's also an intimate outdoor seating area with greenery. 1026 St. Louis St., 504-265-8816, www.jewelnola.com

Cure is an old Uptown firehouse that's been turned into a bar. You can order the Fancy Sazerac with High West Rye, Nouvelle Orleans Absinthe, and lemon peel. The bar has a hidden patio for a quiet outdoor dining experience, where you can continue drinking Fancy Sazeracs or order another cocktail from the broad selection Cure has to offer. 4905 Freret St., 504-302-2357, www.curenola.com

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