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Five Places to be Artsy on National Art Day October 25

09:00 October 23, 2020
By: Brhea Washington

If you are a fan of all things art, you can enjoy yourself by celebrating National Art Day on October 25. According to National Today, October 25 both commemorates Spanish painter Pablo Picasso's birthday and recognizes art's ability to portray the beauty of life, reality, revolution, or rebellion, as there is no history or culture without art. National Art Day acknowledges all forms of art, from paintings and sculptures to photography and music. Art covers a wide range of creative and artistic expression, so whether you love to create or just want to admire the works of others, here is a list of five places to visit personally or virtually on October 25, where you and your family can appreciate all that art entails.

New Orleans Museum of Art

New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) allows visitors to interpret and engross themselves in art through their beautiful collections, exhibits, and gardens, inspiring all to enjoy their diverse pieces of culture. NOMA showcases exhibitions that feature ceramics and stone and is also home to a variety of other artforms for visitors to view. You can visit their sculpture garden, home to over 60 sculptures by renowned artists, or see their art collections displaying heritages across the globe. With mask safety precautions and social distancing guidelines, you can purchase tickets in person or online to visit during the time of your choosing. If you would rather visit virtually, NOMA also hosts events such as livestream concerts and virtual workshops, where you can create art with your family or to express your own personal creativity. 1 Collins C. Diboll Circle, (504) 658-4100,

Ogden Museum of Southern Art

Located in the Warehouse District, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art showcases the largest collection of Southern art. Ogden is recognized for its visual displays illustrating Southern traditions of music, literature, food, and culture for a viewer's knowledge and interpretation. Ogden displays Louisiana contemporary exhibitions and over 4,000 works of watercolors, paintings, wood, drawings, prints, and more. They also offer numerous center programs and online events, where you can view art, participate in online meditation series, learn sketching, and experience other local workshops from home. Following health and safety protocols, the Ogden allows visitors to reserve tickets online or in-person, so you can discuss, view, or appreciate all things art. 925 Camp St., (504) 539-9650,

Mardi Gras World

If you're missing Mardi Gras season, look no further than Mardi Gras World. If you love your art engrossed in Louisiana culture, you can learn the history of the festive tradition of Mardi Gras through tours and events that showcase Mardi Gras in a way you haven't seen it before. Visitors can experience the craftsmanship of floats and props for Mardi Gras parades up close and personal, viewing behind the scenes how artists work year-round building outstanding pieces that help bring Mardi Gras to life. Currently, their newest space, NOLAween, celebrates the Halloween season, and visitors can interact with and see their artistic and imaginative displays of a New Orleans Halloween in a family-friendly, socially distant environment. 1380 Port of New Orleans Place, (504) 361-7821,

A Gallery for Fine Photography

Located in the French Quarter since 1973, this haven for photography, from founder Joshua Mann Pailet, has become a living landmark in the history of photography in New Orleans. If your eye for art features a love for photography, photographs, and camera work, you can indulge yourself in a world of prints and images at A Gallery for Fine Photography. Whether you love earlier or contemporary work, the gallery features beautiful artwork through photo lenses and showcases a large scheme of photographs and exhibits from various artists within its walls. The gallery hopes to inspire passion and curiosity of those who enter, and visitors can explore and enjoy fantastic pieces that span decades of photography until now. 241 Chartres St., (504) 568-1313,

Art Camp 504

Art Camp 504 is a nonprofit organization that emphasizes fun, creative, and inventive experiences for children throughout the world. If you and your family love art, Art Camp 504 provides children with a place where they can learn and create, all while celebrating New Orleans's vibrant and unique culture. Since the pandemic, Art Camp 504 has been offering virtual art camp, featuring online art classes for children across the globe. Their virtual art classes allow children to interact, socialize, and create with one another every week, with classes that include digital drawing, virtual theater, virtual cooking class, virtual dance class, and many more. Your child can learn and experience art one-on-one or in groups, inspiring them to think outside the box and learn art forms while doing so. 3113 Royal St., (504) 913-2989,

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