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Craving Culture? Tulane’s Newcomb Art Museum Has Good News

11:00 September 21, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

While it may not be your first thought of an industry struggling due to the quarantine, museums have been facing the same problem that is currently smashing the hospitality industry. When the entire premise of your income is selling tickets to allow large groups of people to visit in a confined area, a pandemic is not exactly a conducive environment for success. As we know, though, it is the versatile establishments that stay afloat, and Newcomb Art Museum of Tulane is no exception. As Tulane's premier art museum, Newcomb is presenting interested parties with a digital tour of their exhibits, in order to scratch any art itches out there. While they are unfortunately still closed to in-person visiting, this venture will at least provide people with a way to appreciate the artworks in some fashion.

This push from Newcomb is their stake in the worldwide "Museum From Home" effort that has been gaining traction in recent months. While the online viewing of the full museum is a privilege reserved for those in the Tulane community, anyone can participate in the number of special events that Newcomb is hosting. One such event is a livestreamed discussion between two prominent figures in the New Orleans music scene. Specifically, this event is centered on Mia X, a well-known New Orleans native rapper, as well as Melissa Weber, the curator of the Hogan Jazz Archive at Tulane. This discussion will cover topics such as the growth of the hip-hop scene, as well as music progression in general in New Orleans.

Newcomb is also hosting various other online sessions in the near future, including ecological discussions with figures such as Monique Verdin and Rachel Breunlin. The museum is hosting sign-ups for these virtual events online, so be sure to investigate the happenings to see what all is being offered.

To participate in Newcomb's upcoming online events, please visit their sign-up website HERE.

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