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Cooking Up Some Romance...

10:38 August 14, 2017
By: Keith John Paul Horcasitas
So my better-half and I recently celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary on July 30th!
What a blessing that we were able to attend on the eve of our anniversary a Diocesan Marriage & Family Life function, "Supper & Substance," for couples trying to enrich an already mostly functional pair.
We met at the St. George Catholic Church Kleinpeter Center in Baton Rouge for a presentation by a lovely New Orleans area couple, Jan and Lloyd Tate entitled, "What I Wish I Knew Before I Got Married;" they also provided us and other couples gourmet food, dancing and simple adult libations to enjoy.
How fun it was to meet with many other couples and also do some fun communication exercises, like comparing what each partner recalled as the greatest vacation or favorite color - and found out how divergent perspectives can be, even for the longest married couples!
My wife and I re-learned that night to strive always to keep open the door to new ways of attending to the needs of each other ... and striving to put the other person first above our concerns ... so easy to say ... but so hard to put into everyday practice.
And learning to laugh with and each other was so emphasized at the gathering to help with dispensing of the tensions that can normally come up at times for couples.
Sure, like all folks, we've had our many ups and downs ...
But there's so much to learn from each other after the wedding gowns ...
So what is something I've learned in my household that is a practical way to enhance one's marriage?
Since my better-half, "Cookie," loves to bake cook from recommendations per the Advocate Food Staff, including Teresa Day, Holly Clegg, Cheramie Sonnier and retired Corinne Cook, I have finally learned how helping Cookie, at times, with food preparations, can be a very romantic enhancement!

Want to put a little fire in your love for your spouse? 
Here's some practical advice from this "doghouse dude louse"

Add some special spice and full zest to your dear 
It's so very important, so you better listen here 
Sure she likes the candy and the flowers are a must 
But what she really wants is a guy who she can trust 
So take the time to cook up a special loving meal 
With your beloved honey, it is the real deal 
Cooking is so fun, and it helps the bond to grow 
The ingredients are simple, the recipe, you know 
First, you have to cut up, the seasoning then mix 
Next, you stir in laughter, for the roux we like to fix 
Add some zany flavors, try some new epicurean flare 
Your honey needs to be wanted and know you really care 
My sweetie, Cookie, spoils me from many a recipe book 
And I've learned to help her, and romance is what we cook 
She knows I love the 3 C's, Cayenne, Cardamon and Curry 
When cooking, enjoy each moment, surely no need to hurry! 
We love to learn from other chefs, like the famous John Folse guy 
He once aired Cookie's Pralines, they're so good they make you cry! 
So don't pass up this chance, DUDES, everyday to show 
How you can cook up some ROMANCE, Come on guys, it's time to let go!
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