Circovia Stuns Audiences At Beau Rivage

15:08 June 11, 2018
By: Emily Hingle

Come one, come all to the brand new show at the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino on the Biloxi Beach. Circovia is a veritable buffet for the senses, and it's a fantastic time for the entire family. Beginning with some old-fashioned clown hijinks, the extraordinarily-talented troupe did death-defying, seemingly-impossible tricks without batting an eye. 

One team specialized in double-decker acrobatics and jump-roping, then a male/female duo balanced upon a single rolling tire rim while performing beautiful acrobatics. A team of four trapeze artists twirled and flew up into the air before two gorgeous aerialists performed ballet fifty feet from the floor with no safety wires. The best act of the night were twin ten-year-old girls who amazingly performed an acrobatic set high above the audience, also with no safety wires. They all made these shocking stunts look so easy! You can learn more about Circovia which will be playing until August here

Before seeing Circovia in the Beau Rivage Theater, I dined at their Japanese restaurant Jia featuring both traditional and hibachi dining. The Misoyaki-Glazed Butterfish melted in my mouth, and the Seared Teriyaki Salmon Steak was the most savory fish dish I've ever had. It was perfectly complemented with a jalapeno-infused margarita and hot sake. Beau Rivage also features a renowned buffet, BR Prime Steakhouse, Stalla Italian fine dining, and many more options. 

One of the biggest hits of the summer to hit Biloxi is the Deuling Piano Bar at Ivory. The pianists Tim Buie of Chalmette (a Guinness World Record holder) and Tim Georgeff of Dallas not only take requests at their two grand pianos in the middle of the round bar, they put on an energetic, very immersive show where everyone sings along and can't help but dance. 

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