Blue Cheese and Sour Brews Pairing with St. James Cheese Company

06:00 September 06, 2019
By: Liv Arriviello
Prior to the lovely event at St. James Cheese Company on Pyrtania, I knew only enough about cheese to unwrap my Kraft Single in the most time efficient way. By the end of the lesson, cheese expert and former cheese-cave dweller, Martha Sarfaty ensured the class was equipped well enough to appreciate the finer aspects of cheese cultivation. This lesson in appreciation, of course, started with a beer-and-cheese combination that can actually hydrate you while consuming it. The beer used in this magic equation was SeaQuench Ale from the Dogfish Head Craft Brewery.

Continuing the lesson, we learned that this (and all) blue cheese in question undergoes piercings in a very acupuncture-esque way to activate the mold at different times during the cheese's maturation. Needless to say, teacher Martha Sarfaty is versed in the local tongue's translation of cheese information; pairing the delicious beer & cheese with relevant fun-facts and geographical shout-outs. St. James hosts around 2 events per month, the next of which "Masters in the Mediterranean" will be held on September 18th and feature seaward cheeses.

This event is a perfect fit for any kind of night out and is definitely safe for singles as the communal dining tables and teacher/student interaction makes even the most lone wolf feel like one of the many. Come one, come all!
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