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10 Places to Drink Chicory Coffee in NOLA

07:00 December 20, 2023
By: Presley Tyler

Chicory coffee, which is considered a staple here in New Orleans, is made from ground and roasted chicory root. Chicory has a woody flavor and produces a nutty aroma; it can be enjoyed by itself as a caffeine-free alternative or added into coffee beverages.

In recent years, chicory brewed and enjoyed by itself has become a popular substitution to caffeinated coffee and other beverages. Additionally, chicory is said to have health benefits regarding blood sugar and digestive health.

10 Places to Drink Chicory Coffee in NOLA

1. Luzianne Cafe

481 Girod St., (504) 265-1972, luziannecafe.com

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At Luzianne Café, you can order regular cold brew or cold brew with chicory to add more notes of flavor. The cafe's "Cold Fashioned Mocktail" can be made with this chicory cold brew and also comes with sugar and orange bitters.

Luzianne Café has been roasting and serving premium coffee and Chicory blends for over 130 years. The café also serves its chicory coffee all day, so you can order a traditional chicory coffee any time of the day.

2. Cafe Envie & Espresso Bar

1241 Decatur St., (504) 524-3689, cafeenvie.com

[Cafe Envie Espresso Bar, Website]

Cafe Envie Espresso Bar is located in the historical French Market and prides itself on partaking in the tradition of serving chicory coffee. Although you may have to request the addition of chicory in your brew, Cafe Envie is happy to fulfill the request of chicory coffee.

Cafe Envie has become a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, as the cafe proudly takes part in New Orleans traditions. Cafe Envie also serves several different specialty coffees along with classic coffee beverages.

3. Café du Monde

Multiple Locations, shop.cafedumonde.com

[Café Du Monde, Website]

Café Du Monde serves traditional black coffee, or cafe au lait, that has been blended and brewed with chicory. The chicory used in Café Du Monde's cafe au lait gives the beverage an almost chocolate-like flavor.

The café also sells its coffee and chicory blend, caffeinated or decaffeinated, by the can or single serve. Café Du Monde is a legendary French Market coffee stand, so it's only right to enjoy traditional chicory coffee at this iconic café.

4. Mammoth Espresso

821 Barron St., (504) 475-4344, mammothespresso.com

[Mammoth Espresso, Facebook]

Mammoth Espresso prizes themselves on serving crafted espresso and coffee in the heart of the Warehouse District of New Orleans. Make sure to request the addition of chicory to your coffee and you won't be disappointed.

The experienced baristas at Mammoth Espresso bring new meaning to specialty coffee, especially to chicory coffee. This coffee shop got its name because although espresso and coffee can be relatively small drinks, both carry much significance.

5. Orleans Coffee Espresso Bar

3445 Prytania St. Suite B, (504) 333-0064, orleanscoffee.com

[Orleans Coffee Espresso Bar, Website]

Orleans Coffee Espresso Bar is located in Uptown New Orleans and serves fresh, locally roasted coffee each day. At Orleans Coffee Espresso Bar, you can order one of its coffee and chicory blends in a cup or you can purchase a bag of coffee and chicory blends.

The espresso bar offers caffeinated or decaffeinated Creole coffee and chicory blend, Lagniappe coffee and chicory blend, and pure French chicory. Also, the café au lait recipe at the espresso bar is made with black chicory coffee and steamed milk.

6. Flora Gallery & Coffee Shop

2600 Royal St., (504) 947-8358, florascoffee.business.site

[Flora Gallery & Coffee Shop, Facebook]

Flora Gallery & Coffee Shop is said to have the best chicory in New Orleans. In true New Orleans fashion, Flora Gallery & Coffee Shop brews their coffee with chicory.

This coffee shop has a welcoming atmosphere with its old world charm and is a place where all members of the community can come and enjoy chicory coffee. Additionally, the coffee shop supports the local artist community by displaying art that was made here in New Orleans.

7. Cafe Fleur De Les

307 Chartres St., (504) 529-9641, cafefleurdelis.com

[Cafe Fleur De Lis, Facebook]

Cafe Fluer De Lis is located in the heart of the historic French Quarter and serves traditional Southern food and beverages. On the cafe's menu, there are the options of regular, decaf, or chicory coffee.

This cafe continues the New Orleans tradition of offering coffee that has been brewed with chicory. Enjoy a cup of chicory coffee while seated on Café Fleur De Lis' balcony overlooking the French Quarter.

8. Twelfth Night Coffee

628 N Rampart St., twelfthnightcoffee.com

[Twelfth Night Coffee, Facebook]

Twelfth Night Coffee's NOLA cold brew is made with Creole coffee and chicory, then brewed for 24 hours and mixed with milk. The chicory adds an earthy flavor to this cold brew. This coffee shop serves New Orleans specialty coffee and espresso with beans that have been freshly roasted right here in the city.

This coffee shop is also named after the tradition of the celebration of Twelfth Night, and the shop's logo is resembled after the Joan of Arc statue here in New Orleans. Embrace New Orleans tradition at Twelfth Night Coffee and order the cold brew that has been brewed with chicory.

9. Cafe Beignet

Multiple Locations, cafebeignet.com

[Café Beignet, Website]

Café Beignet proudly continues the tradition of serving coffee with chicory and can be ordered hot or iced. At each Café Beignet location, you can enjoy coffee that has been blended and brewed with chicory.

The café has been taking part in this New Orleans tradition for the last 30 years and many customers are delighted by the taste of the café's chicory coffee. Additionally, all of Café Beignet's ingredients are locally sourced from different growers and roasters.

10. Who Dat Coffee Cafe

2401 Burgundy St., (504) 872-0360, facebook.com/whodatcoffeecafe

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Who Dat Coffee is a quaint local spot that serves breakfast, lunch, and brunch. Locals praise Who Dat Coffee for their impeccable café au lait with chicory; the chicory adds notes of nuttiness to the coffee's flavor palette.

Also on Who Dat Coffee's menu are specialty coffees and coffee cocktails. All of Who Dat Coffee's are locally sourced, including the chicory used in the coffee.

NOLA Chicory Coffee to Enjoy

Chicory was first introduced to New Orleans by the French when the city was still a French colony. When coffee was scarce during the American Civil War, New Orleanians found that the addition of chicory gave the coffee more body and flavor.

Today, chicory is added to rich, black coffee to cut the bitter edge of dark roasted coffee. While some may not enjoy the flavor chicory brings to coffee, others enjoy the earthy flavor it brings and like taking part in the tradition of drinking chicory coffee.

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