Steve Hatley

Beach House plays the Orpheum

10:00 October 05, 2022
By: Steve Hatley

Beach House and Sound of Ceres brought their spectacle showcases to the Orpheum Theater for all to see and be engulfed in. It's a rarity to have sound and visuals marry so well but Beach House's tour did just that. Their opener, Sound of Ceres, is a dream pop band from Fort Collins, Colorado. The band started out under the name Candy Claws but changed their name when founding members K and Ryan Hover decided to develop a new sound. Not wanting to be associated with that moniker, they adopted the name Sound of Ceres. Their performance at the Orpheum was unique to say the least--best described as a performance art piece, the band performed behind a screen that they and multiple images were projected onto. Their performance was added by narrations that moved the set along. Their odd performance was a great set up for the evening's main event.

Beach House is an electronic dreampop duo from Baltimore, Maryland. Their live act incorporates a touring drummer to fill out their live sound. Their set was stacked with material from Once Twice Melody which was released earlier this year. It's also the tours name.

Their set was visual-heavy and that in turn elevated their performance to a new level. The combination of sights ad sounds was a rollercoaster of moods that the crowd enjoyed every moment of. They were also granted a treat as the band debuted a new song "Runaway." You can see more picture here of out of this world sets.

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