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A Perfect (Lazy) Day--Uptown New Orleans

09:00 July 26, 2022
By: Tatum Arbogast

An Ideal 24 Hours in Uptown, New Orleans

Saturdays and Sundays are what you make of them, and if any day has the ability to be "perfect," these fast-passing weekends are your best bet. Some opt for day trips to the beach with cold drinks and good friends, while others go for a sunny day downtown, listening to live music and shopping the block. Whatever it may be, a perfect day holds a different definition from person to person, so the question is, what would make your perfect day?

You may not have an answer to that - not off the top of your head - and that's quite alright. If you're searching for ideas for your own ideal 24 hours, I can help you out. My perfect day would admittedly be synonymous with some peoples' idea of the tried-and-true lazy day routine. As an overworked college student without a car in Uptown New Orleans, the activities involved in a day of perfection sit closely to one another and have the general aim of rejuvenation at the end of a long week… and maybe, just maybe, that might be what you're looking for, too. So, without further ado, here is my itinerary for the perfect (lazy) day in Uptown New Orleans.

iced juice on table
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Iced Coffee on Oak Street

Getting the perfect day started just right requires a little dose of energy, and my personal favorite is an iced coffee at one of two places on Oak Street: Rue de la Course or Z'otz. The decision for which café to take your business is entirely based on aesthetics. Rue de la Course is a classic coffee house with beautifully high ceilings, dark wood interiors, and plenty of natural lighting, while Z'otz is the grungy stepsister who lives down the street. While the difference between the two may be a bit jarring, Z'otz has something to offer in her own right. With walls covered in skeleton themed art and a signature concoction called The Zombie, this hole-in-the-wall café is a unique experience to say the least. Whichever of these options calls your name, Rue de la Course or good old Z'otz, you can't go wrong with this simple beginning to a perfect day.

brown wooden book shelves with books
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A Quick Stop at Blue Cypress Books

Just across the street from either coffee locale is the perfect stop for local book lovers. At Blue Cypress Books, one can find two floors of overstuffed shelves lined with new and used books that seemingly have no end. With little sticky notes marking new releases, top picks, and more from the shop owner herself, it's easy enough to find a new favorite at this little bookshop. The store's friendly cat is sure to make an appearance during your visit, and if you're unsure of what you're looking for, the staff are eager to hand out personalized recommendations based on your interests. If nothing else, at least come in for a peek - you won't regret it.

Tatum Arbogast, Where Y'at

Brunch at Satsuma on Maple Street

We all know what they say about breakfast being the most important meal of the day. While I'm not quite sure how much I agree with that, breakfast or brunch at Satsuma on Maple is pretty important to me and is a must on the perfect day. This little corner café has an easygoing atmosphere dripping with cute pastels and vibrant indoor plants, but what really takes the cake at Satsuma is their incredible food. While you can't go wrong with a single dish coming out of this kitchen, the green sandwich on a toasted croissant is my personal favorite savory option, or if you're feeling sweet, the blueberry pancake - or any of their pancakes - falls under a list of foods I would personally commit arson for. Crisped golden edges and runny maple syrup will surely make your day better - if not perfect.

A Little Outdoor Rest & Relaxation

This next stop is where the laziness of our perfect day really comes into play, and here, we have a bit of a "choose your own adventure." My suggestion: grab a picnic blanket and a good book (maybe one you bought at Blue Cypress?) and cozy up under a sprawling tree at Audubon Park or by the river at "The Fly." Laying under one of the huge Spanish moss-covered oaks or watching boats lazily pass along the Mississippi, this part of the perfect day is a form of religion in its own right. If nothing else, it's good for the soul. In fact, some say reading a good book in the greenery of a beautiful park has healing properties. I say that, at least.

Tatum Arbogast, Where Y'at
Tatum Arbogast, Where Y'at

Cool Off at Plum St. Snowballs

The truth is, sitting out in the New Orleans heat is sure to build up a sweat, so the next stop is ideal for cooling off and what better way to do that than a sweet treat at Plum St. Snowballs? This neighborhood joint runs out of a little yellow house on the corner of Burdette and Plum Street (of course), and they've got you covered with over 99 fruity and creamy flavor choices that are served out of a classic folding Chinese takeout box. Cooling off on the perfect lazy day has never tasted so good… or been so inexpensive.

Happy Hour at Oak & Ale on Oak

In the homestretch of our perfect day, it's time to get back to where we started: Oak Street. Merging in an intimate green courtyard oasis, this neighboring wine bar & taproom combo has an incredible happy hour that's sure to please the entire gang. A perfect day can't be complete without some good spirits and good company, and happiness certainly awaits where the modern sleekness of Oak wine bar meets the rustic comfort of Ale on Oak: a perfect balance to round out the perfect day.

three people having a toast using three clear crystal wine glasses
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Dinner at Coté Sud

With the evening drawing the perfect, lazy day to a bittersweet close, a cozy meal that's an easy walk from our happy hour destination couldn't sound any better. Back on Maple Street, candlelit Coté Sud is the perfect spot to move the camaraderie after happy hour. With delicious French food and incredible shareable pizzas in the comfort of an intimate setting, Coté Sud is a cozy eatery where you can drink more wine, enjoy lazy conversation, and say goodnight to the perfect (lazy) day in Uptown New Orleans.

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