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A Bid for A Safer New Orleans: NOPJF's Online Auction

11:00 September 14, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

The New Orleans Police and Justice Foundation (NOPJF) is hosting an online auction, which you can find on their BidPal site. This auction is part of the NOPJF's continuous efforts to help promote healthier policing on top of better relations between New Orleans's police force and those they swear to protect. Their goal is indeed an admirable one, as they directly cooperate with the New Orleans Police Department to provide funding for more effective training and tuition assistance for trainees as necessary.

As a nonprofit organization, the NOPJF relies on fundraisers like this and donations to continue their operations, but seeing as how this event commemorates their 25th anniversary, it is apparent that they are going strong. The auction itself is a miscellany; you'll probably find something you find interesting if you browse for a bit. With items that range from a football donated and signed by the New Orleans Saints (yes, really) to a 14-karat gold necklace, this auction has a bit of something for any interested party.

The NOPJF has multiple commendable funds that they actively promote, such as the Stake-In For Justice fund and the Ethical Policing is Courageous fund. While this particular auction will have its proceeds directly deposited into the Stake-In For Justice specifically, the other funds, such as the aforementioned Ethical Policing effort, have a donation page always available on the NOPJF's website. Do note that if you intend to deliver the NOPJF aid in some way, be it donation or through the auction, that you have a bit of padding for time. The auction will be running continuously online until September 23. Direct donations are accepted at any time through their website at

Please visit to browse the NOPJF's auction.

To donate directly or to view more about the mission of the NOPJF, visit

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