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You Are So Beautiful To Me

10:08 October 16, 2017
By: Keith John Paul Horcasitas
“How about a love song for y'all?” I asked the cheerful and loving caregiver for an elder client, whom I was making a home visit with.

“Sure,” Cher said, as she went to get some coffee for Joseph.“

I had just done some fun folk and patriotic songs like “You Are My Sunshine” (by our former Louisiana Governor, Jimmie Davis!), “I've Been Working On The Railroad,” and “God Bless America,” for my client, and could see how well connected his Caregiver was with him.

Joe had suffered from some neurologic difficulties, including dementia, years before and now required 24-hour care at home.

Cher obviously knew how to work so well with Joe, as she would deftly redirect Joe whenever he may have gotten off-base with anything.

So even though I knew how to play such endearing songs like “Michelle,” by the Beatles and others, I first played some old oldies and standbys, like “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” and “Bicycle Built For Two – both of which Joe sang along with.

As most research into dementia has shown, music is one of the last things we lose with memory problems.

I even had fun last year joining the local Alzheimer's Services of the Capital Area by playing guitar in my “Man With da Yella Hat” (Curious George) outfit in a presentation that Dana Terito had given about this very issue – of how music can connect all of us, especially those dealing with memory problems.

So it just so happened that recently, when I happened to see and talk with a neat neighbor, I was inspired to try to figure out the chords for “You Are So Beautiful To Me,” by Joe Cocker, which is really an easy song to play – I even made a YouTube for this friend recently with this tune.

To stay “in tune,” I try to play guitar on my 12 String Fender - that I had gotten a few years ago from Ziegler's - at least 3 times a week. As the weather is getting cooler, I love to play in my front yard, after lighting a Citronella Candle and spraying myself with mosquito repellant.

And even though my Fender has a built-in tuner, I still sometimes use the old-fashioned tuning forks to keep my ears well “tuned in.”

It was in front of my house where I have recorded some neat songs on my phone – once, some birds even joined in on my twilight recording for a dear colleague.

Well, since I had just figured out how easy the song “You Are So Beautiful To Me” was, this is what I sang to Cher.

Cher said brightly, “That is what my husband sang to me when we got married!” - as she almost got tearful!

Joe and another family member also sang along as Cher and I joyfully belted out the Joe Cocker tune!

Sure, while that Joe Cocker song certainly has romantic overtones, it applies to all us, God's children, as that is how much He Loves Us – which is clearly denoted in Solomon's “Song of Songs” or the “Canticle of Canticles!”

As I was leaving the home visit, I teasingly noted to Cher, “Be sure to tell your hubby that he may have some competition!!!” - at which both Cher and Joe squealed!!!

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